Selfless Kindness



Everything about today just felt like Friday.
I can't wait for the weekend but it's as if there is nothing like a weekend for us except Sunday which isn't even a free day either.
It's tiring if I must confess but I know over time it will be worth it.
Today happens to be the shortest day for me but it also appears to be the longest.
Anyway, that's a story for another day.
Back to my purpose for this article today.

Earlier today while coming back from school, I boarded a public transport and was heading home, while on the way, an old woman stopped the public transport and wanted to enter but a young lady at the back asked to switch places with the old woman.
The woman thanked the young lady and then went to the back to sit.
While on the way, when we reached a certain point, the old woman tapped the driver to stop for her to alight.
And when she alighted and pulled out her purse or bag to remove money and pay the driver, a man also at the back told the driver to drive on and let the old woman go that he will fund her transport fare.
The woman thanked the man and blessed him as well even with the young lady that exchanged seats with her earlier.
From the woman's face and composure, one could tell that she was very tired.

Getting to the house, I was very tired and sleepy but I just decided to lay on my bed and surf the net, while going through some recent updates, I bumped into a short clip that portrayed kindness, at first I didn't know what the clip was all about so because of curiosity I decided to watch till the very end. It was about four short clips.

In the clip, a lady inside a moving bus saw an old man standing beside her so she asked the old man to sit down while she stands, but the old man told her that it's okay because his ticket was without a seat.
But the lady insisted and the only way she could make the old man agree to sit down was by telling him that her ticker also was without a seat.
The old man probably believed her and thought maybe she was using someone else's seat for the meantime that the owner wasn't on the bus so he accepted the offer to sit down.
Little did he know that it was actually the lady's seat and which she was willing to offer to him.


The bus kept moving and it lasted for some hours, other travelers started sleeping and some already dozed off since it was hours drive. The old man became worried about the lady that he asked her how long or how many more hours was left before she reached her destination. The lady answered and told the old man that 5 more hours was left but that it was little so it was okay.
The man told her that if she was tired of standing then she shouldn't hesitate to tell him
The old man fell deep asleep until when the manager of the bus came to ask the passenger of their tickers. When it was the old man's turn and the lady's turn to give their tickers for verification, the manager noticed that the old man's ticker was boldly written NO SEAT but the lady standing had a seat number which was the one the old man was sitting on.

The lady told the manager not to say a word to the old man and the manager adhered to what she said and let the old man enjoy her seat but do you know the funny and most shocking thing of the entire short clip?
It's wasn't only about the lady's kindness but also her selfless kindness

The truth is when it was time for the lady to alight from the bus, she grabbed her walking sticks with her place on both sides and walked out of the bus. This left the rest of the passengers in shock.
She had a challenge, a disability yet she was still kind enough to offer help to another person even in her state. Such a selfless sacrifice and kindness.

And it was only when I was writing this I remembered that somehow it was similar to what happened with the other old woman in the bus today, though the young lady, in this case, wasn't disabled like the one in the short clip but the kindness was also intact. Offering a comfortable seat for an older person is like seeing someone in trouble and willing to help in the little way you can.


The video clip I watched was so touching and it made me realized that kindness is just a matter of the heart and not something that should be done as a show-off or something.
Because these days some humans are only kind to other humans just so that they can show off or something.
And some go about bragging after helping people or someone.

We can become better people and make the world a better place if we all could be selfless sometimes in our dealings with others.
It may not always come every day or every time but once in a while, show kindness and do it selflessly.

Still your baby girl ;

To my faithful readers and wonderful sponsors, my heart goes out to you guys. Thank you for making my journey here a fun-filled and exciting one. Thanks for trusting and supporting my work too. I pray that God bless you all real good :)

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             26 August 2021