Memories Don't Fade Easily ~ Happy Anniversary Frienie



Seeing your photos today I remember how we were sworn enemies in school.
I remember how seeing or coming across each became our worst nightmares.
I remember how your friends thought we liked each other when the truth was we hated each other with passion.
How lame and crazy that one may think we were fighting or dragging for husband.
How stupid! Yes! You can laugh while reminiscing those memories if you wish.😂

I remember the first day you walked up to me after school resumption, I remember you holding my hands and dragging me along.
I remember when you started calling and texting frequently until we became friends.
I know your first intentions may not have been pure (well only you can answer that) you know when something is being rumored.
I remember when you told me about your initial reason and motive behind being friends with me (sure! It did hurt)
But guess what? You taught me that enemies can turn friends and demons were once angels.


I remember the first time I knitted you a bracelet and people thought we were lovers (crazy😂)
I remember how your friends nicknamed me Waky Eunice and to think you laughed at the craziness.
I remember the first time I appeared at your doorstep with your mom and sis welcoming me with open arms.
I remember the first time you came home and even my mom's shop then.
I remember how you made me prepare noodles with eggs and drink even when you knew this girl was broke😂

I still remember how you trusted me enough to share your sad moments and the happy ones.
I can't tell if I have some special powers but I've been grateful for every moment.
I did try my best to show up for you every time you put a call or text through and I don't regret any of it.
I remember the excitement in your voice when you told me about one of your dreams coming true.
I still remember the encouragement of Eunice and I don't take them for granted.


Today, I wanna remind you that when counting friends, you make the list
May this day remind you of how great a person you are.
How you pull through the struggles, the sleepless nights.
How you dried your pillows after getting them soaked.
How you rolled your sleeves up and tried just one more time.
I also wanna remind you today that you aren't a demon neither an angel, but something in-between 😂 (you only act on what is being turned on)

Never forget that someone endured the pain to make you who you are today.
Never forget his undying love for you.
Don't forget that he still loves and cares for you and that he celebrates you every time you add a new age.
Never forget that his grace is the major reason you are alive today to celebrate another age.
I hope that you remember this amidst every fun you have today.
Happy Birthday My Frienie
Cheers To A New Age!

Still your baby girl ;)


To my faithful readers and wonderful sponsors, my heart goes out to you guys. Thank you for making my journey here a fun-filled and exciting one. Thanks for trusting and supporting my work too. I pray that God bless you all real good :)

             19 November 2021



This is so beautiful. I wonder what her real intentions were... I am curious, can you share? 😁

I wish her a happy birthday and many happy returns, may the blood of the lamb continue to keep her.


This is so beautiful. I wonder what her real intentions were... I am curious, can you share? 😁

Hahaha, it was to make another fried jealous according to her lol. But things changed along the way.

Thanks for wishing her well dear.