CHUCKLES! ~ We Are Not Indispensable


You see some of us get so comfortable with our lives, our status, our position, or even our titles that we forget that we can easily be replaced, anytime, anywhere.
We think or feel that because we are good at a particular thing or that we can handle a particular task, so as such we are indispensable, little do we know that a person can easily and continuously be replaced by another when he or she isn't functioning to the taste of the people or when he or she feels they can't do without them.

We are Not Indispensable

The moment we realize this, we will stop acting as if we own the world and everything that dwells in it.
People were meant to function in their space and in their time but the moment they start acting as if they are better than everyone else or that they are more important, then some start losing their worth in such a place especially in an organization made of people from different backgrounds and languages.

I have personally been in such a gathering of people before. It happened that some set of people are usually given some responsibilities or tasks, at first the team was working very fine and okay, everyone was happy with their various attributed tasks and all worked of them worked hand in hand to bring out the best in that organization by forging head together to bring a solution to every problem that arose.

It went on for some years and some months, and along the way, this set of people felt they were better than every other person in the organization, and pride set in among them.
And after some time, when others realized what was happening and what those people were thinking of themselves, they made adjustments.
It got to a point that they felt the responsibilities given to them could not be easily handled by other people but it was proven wrong after they were being shifted out and replaced by other people.

In no time, their worth and value in the organization already died off. People started losing the little respect they had for them and started seeing them as nothing because of what they thought of themselves when they were still with the mantle of leadership.
Slowly everything changed in the organization and it served as a lesson to every other person there not to always think too highly of themselves because no one is indispensable.

You see in life, no one is indispensable. People can and will always do without us, so the little chance we have to handle a particular task or responsibility given to us, we should always try our best to deliver the best and do away with pride.
Pride is our greatest enemy and it's one of the things that makes some people feel that if it is not them, others cannot do that particular task lying around.
It makes people feel too important and better than others in a negative way.

Wherever it is we may find ourselves. In our place of work, school, church and even our community and home.
They will come a time we will not be called upon to do anything because it may be seen that we feel without us, people can't do that thing or that thing can't be done.
We should grow above such mentality and mindset and know that we can easily be replaced, as such we are not indispensable.

And if we have this in mind always, there won't be room for pride to set in and we won't always think that people can't do without us.

Still your baby girl ;)

To my faithful readers and wonderful sponsors, my heart goes out to you guys. Thank you for making my journey here a fun-filled and exciting one. Thanks for trusting and supporting my work too. I pray that God bless you all real good :)

25 July 2021




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A truth we don't love like telling. We like telling ourselves that we can't be replaced. But that's a lie people can perform our function so well.

Having this in mind we must carefully perform our duty because we are not indispensable.

@zellypearl this is so thoughtful of you.


This one you are appearing like this with full force🙄😂
Omo calm down o. Don't mind me o.
And yes it's a big fat lie that one cannot be replaced 😂
So you had better do whatever you are doing anywhere you are doing well because you aren't indispensable 😹🚶🏻‍♀️