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Welcome back to this art showroom. I want to thank all those people who have taken the time to check out my content in nftshowroom and more to those who have purchased a piece of art created by me.

In this opportunity, I want to show you the latest creations of my collection and invite you to acquire one if you like.

Are you ready?

NAME: Future Contrast (Animated)

YEAR: 2021.
DESCRIPTION: The future is technology, technology is the future. Be part of it in this piece from the Neo Universe collection. Purchase this piece now and unlock high-quality video content in landscape and portrait formats. It also includes a Future Contrast image in portrait format.
Resolution: 1664x2496 FULLHD.
Size: 8.66 MB MP4.

NAME: Eye of Space - Masked Guy XXIV

YEAR: 2021.
DESCRIPTION: In space, a masked guy travels around the Universe finding new civilizations. Find new worlds with him!
Resolution: 2000x2000 300dpi.
Size: 1.97 MB

Some pieces on Sale now:

Hive GlitchHive NFT
Hive SystemEon "In the forest"
Eon "Shooting star"Eon "In the eye of the great Arcane"

Also, there is still some content on my gallery from another Collection, you can check this and more here:

Thank you for supporting my artwork and thank you for taking a few minutes to read this publication. 😍