FUNDACOVEN | Please support this initiative for July 18.


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Hello, dear community. As many of you know I am the founder of the COVEN foundation @fundacoven formerly known as @aid.venezuela.

This foundation has grown a lot and little by little we have achieved significant things for ourselves in the last 3 years, such as:

  • Legal Registration.
  • Obtaining a physical office.
  • Website.
  • Gofundme campaign completely approved and accepting donations.

However, we have not had strong support that allows us to do big activities.

Next Sunday is Children's Day in Venezuela and we have several months planning an activity for that date, however, there have been enough expenses to serve a population of more than 100 children on this special day.

You can read the information here: (use the translator above to your local language).

For this activity, we are only needing $100 dollars to complete the final expenses such as transportation and payment of entertainment for the children (trampoline, jumping jacks).

Please, if anyone wishes to collaborate I leave below the available wallets:

  • BTC: 1Jq5ss8aLFcdnDiHbmo2sbEK6z7LzLhi1z

  • EOS: orinocotrade MEMO: a2513fc2213b

  • USDT: TDjnLta7CMg2Bgp6aV5BTZ5RNQC8ai4Vt6

  • HIVE/HBD: @fundacoven

  • Share tokens like leo token, lassecash, pal, neoxian, etc, through Hive Engine to @fundacoven

You can also purchase any NFT from my gallery or the fundacoven gallery and support the foundation.

I ask for your cooperation from the bottom of my heart, here in Venezuela the dollar has a significant value. It is difficult to get money in a country where a person earns only $2 a month. Help us to give a different day to low-income children. (2).gif (1).gif