Working Hard Or Working Smart?



We often hear people talk about hard work leading to success and all the rest.
Whenever success is being mentioned, the term hard work will always be seen in the picture after determination
And to those who aren't working hard, they are seen as lazy people and some as failures.
You will hear a teacher or lecturer telling a student to be serious with his or her studies and work hard by reading their books and attending lectures, and not sleeping away their time.
The same goes for businessmen and women, working-class citizens, and others.
Hard work became a measure for success

But today, it seems people have rewritten that fact. It is no more a thing. Hard work is no more seen as a yardstick for success.
Instead of working hard it is now working smart
The two may aim at the same thing but one will always outshine the other.
Today while in school, someone threw a question to me and my friends as we were busy studying and the question was meant to answer another question that was being asked

I sat with my friends studying at a particular quiet corner in school, we met this fellow at that same corner busy with his books, and in the cause of our studies, my friend decided to ask him for help with a particular calculation she was having trouble understanding, the guy gave her a simple solution and way to tackle the problem which she appreciated.

Along the line, we realized the guy had a test to write today and we were somewhat sorry for making noise earlier trying to solve some problems. But the guy told us not to be that he wasn't even studying or reading for the test.
We were forced to ask him why, and to this, he kept mute and just smiled.
So we continued with our reading and left him to be as well, but when it was time for the guy to leave us and head over to write his test, my friend said something.
She said;

Oh, you are leaving already? Success on your test, she added you weren't even studying for the test
Maybe you did at home or you are a type with a magnetic brain

Again the guy smiled and responded with a question he asked us;

Between working hard and working smart which is better?

My friend said nothing but I responded and chose working smart over working hard.
And then he said, there goes my answer for the question.

And so now I will ask you guys here, between working hard and working smart which do you guys rather prefer or which do you think is better? Please back up your answers with reasons thank you!
Thanks for stopping by, and until we meet again, remain safe.


            16 September 2021