Public Acceptance



What does it feel like to feel alone in a world filled with so many people?
Have you ever been to a gathering of so many people yet you feel left out?
Or you find it very difficult to blend or fit in?
Like there is something wrong with you or something different about you that others just cannot accept or welcome?
Have you ever tried to be accepted by society even at the expense of your true identity and dignity?

The big question is, why do human beings desire public acceptance more than they accept themselves?
I mean you know yourself more than any other person does, so why can't you accept yourself and leave the world or society to what it is?
Why do you crave so much to be accepted by the World that you forget who you truly are and often bury your true identity

If you are only doing whatever you are doing to be accepted by people then I feel so sorry for you. Public acceptance is not always the way out or the best thing to happen to a man but sadly, the exact thing is leading people astray and making humans turn into what they never believe they could have become themselves.
Please be wise and be careful what you seek and desire.
Accept yourself and be happy and satisfied with who you are, let your true identity be known, appreciated, accepted, and loved.


My dear viewers and readers!
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              10 October 2021