Memories Of 11/11



What memory do you have of 11/11?
Well, we dreaded this day back then in school. I heard stories about it but thankfully I never truly experienced it myself.
It is said that today is a day that seniors in school (primary and high school) maltreat their junior ones in despicable ways.
Some of the juniors were sent on errands without money. Some were asked to do the seniors' laundry and the rest.
And some that were very unfortunate, were being disciplined unnecessarily.
I used to fear this day and not only I but other students. Some of these students stayed back from home on this date because of the fear of what awaited them in school. They rather miss lectures or classes for that particular day than be maltreated by their superiors.

I heard a rumor about some superiors sending their junior on an errand with a small change to buy everything present at the canteen. The young girl came back to receive the beatings of her life since she couldn't present to them everything she was sent since the money given to her wasn't enough to get all those things.
I don't know how true this rumor is but I do know that it got pupils and students scared for their lives.
It made some of them dread a day like 11/11

My dad also said that today is always the day that new students or freshers are officially welcomed to the campus in a very unpleasant and weird way.
It is said that it was some kind of act of initiation.
All this was rumored to us and I can't tell if it's actually true or not but whatever be the case, some believed it and I guess that is the reason it is still being spoken of and mentioned among men.
As far as high school is concerned, I haven't really had any terrible experience concerning this day and for that I am grateful, and though I can't tell the story or memories of this day, I do hope you share yours with me if you happen to have any, thanks in advance.


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              11 November 2021


Welcoming students at the end of a year? I've heard something like this for the first time.