All I Want



I could literary feel your heart beating very fast from here Alison.
Tell me are you okay? Don't be scared, I wouldn't harm you.
Trust me this one time, will you? I can't do anything to hurt you or mar our friendship.
I truly care about you and I cherish our friendship.
I know you might not believe me Alison but you mean so much to me and I really like you a lot and I can't even deny it.
I am not asking you for anything other than to trust me and accept my hand of friendship. I will be the happiest person if you could just give me a chance to become one of your closest friends or among your best of friends.

Well, I can't say for sure if the things you say to me are genuine or not and I can't also deny the fact that I enjoy your company very much. I want to accept you as my friend and a close one at that, but I am also afraid of letting my guards down. What if I end up liking you other than just a friend? What if I don't even want that to happen but I also cannot stop it from happening? The chances that we will stay friends without things heating up along the line is very slim and I can't risk it, I just can't.
But come to think of it, I really would love to give this a try, I wanna be friends with you too as much as you wanna be friends with me.
I know we have already vibe together and communicated more than necessary but could you still give me more time to think this over?
I wanna be sure of what I am doing and be convinced with my decision.
I don't wish to make mistakes and I can't risk the chances being with you. I do hope you understand me Dennis.


My dear viewers and readers!
Thank you guys for being my source of encouragement here, with all the time you dedicate to my blog with your upvotes and reblog, your comments, and feedback as well.
Your support is my biggest encouragement and I will always be grateful for it

              8 November 2021