Godzilla Tetralogy - Fast and furious with monsters ?


The title could seem a little strange I know, but there is a real idea behind this ! I'm sorry but you'll need to wait the end of this post to understand why I am thinking this way.

I want you to be sure to understand which movie I'm talking about, because there is a lot of different Godzilla movies.

This monster universe takes place in *2014 *with the movie named GodZilla. I'm soryy but I'll mostly use the names of the actors instead of the characters !

Godzilla (2014)


This movie shows how some people lived the explosion of nuclear plant of Janjira next to Tokyo. When Bian Cranston lost his wife in the disaster, he starts to try to find an explanation. He saw something unusual happening just before everything exploded.

Years later, when he is trying to explore the ruins, he got arrested and his son have to take him back from the authorities. That doesn't stop the father who immediately goes back to explore, this time followed by his son.

They discover that radiations disappeared, they're able to take of their masks without problems while after a nuclear disaster, they should just die. At this moment they are caught by Monarch agents. (This organization is the secret agency tracking and securing monsters). That's how they discover a monster's egg feeding himself with his radiations to grow. At this exact moment, the egg hatches and the monster going out just try to destroy everything and escape, what he does without difficulties.

I'm going faster now

This monster is the female, when she hatches the male one go out of his hidding place and they reproduce.

At the same moment, Godzilla arrives and the human kind quickly realize he is the good guy and wants to kill those other monsters. Why ? Because he is the alpha monster of this world and he won't let them take his place.

Happy end, Brian Cranston died, the humanity is saved and few cities are destroyed.


Kong : Skull Island (2017)

Sans titre-1.jpg

We're in 1973,the war in Vietnam is about to see it's end and the organization Monarch needs the army to help them on the skull island.

To make simple, they found this island thanks to satellites and they see nobody never came here. They know there is probably some odd creatures here to discover. When they find enough people and money to go to this island, they start 2 new important story lines of the saga.

One of the scientists came here to confirm the theory of the Hollow earth. They put some explosives in the soil and thanks to scientist measurements they're able to tell the ground is hollow. There is a cavern under the rock.

By exploding the soil, Kong have turned angry. Since this moment, he tries to kill the humans, first by exploding helicopters firing at him.

With time we understand that Kong is the keeper of this island and he's protecting it from other creatures that could try to destroy it, as humans are at this moment. But there is a bigger threat. Some other monster came out from the new hole in the ground. We don't really know but probably coming from the cavern, into the earth.

Samuel L. Jackson turns really crazy and would do everything to kill Kong while all other thinking humans (excluding most of the soldiers in those movies) like John Goodman, Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson want to save him and help him to kill the other monsters.

Once again, Happy end, the bad guys are killed, most of the good guys are still alive and they finish with a lovely phrase saying

Now that humans came here once, they'll bring civilization here.

Which mostly means that this island, which was a rare land of untouched nature with wonderful living beings will be filled with concrete and humans will probably be enslaved to serve science.


Godzilla 2 : King of the monsters (2019)


While Dr. Emma Russel just created a machine that can send sound waves to the titans to calm them, or make them angry, an eco terrorist just starts something. With the time we'll understand that Emma worked with the terrorist to wake up all the titans over the world. There are around 17 of them but the most dangerous of them is totally frozen in Antarctica.

They want to release them because they think the earth is like a living being and the humans are some virus and the titans are here to heal the planet. Until they realize they'll kill all humans...

When they release him (Ghidorah on the picture) all the other titans immediately woke up. He is so powerful that they all took him for the new Alpha monster and obey to him.

When they try to kill him they discover he can grow again members that have been cut.

You can wonder, why ? That should not happen, he's immortal ?

Yes, but he's... An Alien...

Ok, there's a big combat between Godzilla, this triple headed alien and a big flame bird. That's where a government wants to try his new weapon. A bomb that destroys oxygen.. Ok, that sounds like if they were children who have been told to invent a new bomb for the bad guy of a cartoon.

The bomb is launched. The alien dragon have no problem, Godzilla and the bird disappeared. That seem like they just killed their ally. BUT, they find a vortex that send them into the Hollow earth !

What do they find ? An old civilization totally flooded which can remind something like Atlantis, there are a lot of drawings of Godzilla on the walls and there is even his house. When I say house I mean a big arch leading to a cavern. And Godzilla is resting here, in this high radiation area, to heal after that huge bomb that didn't even affected the enemy.

That's really turning terrible now. Humans want his to heal faster so some of them sacrifice his life to explode a nuke next to him (don't worry, nuke has no effects on him since he feed himself with radiations). No problem, his house is totally destroyed with the whole Ancient city.


Thanks to Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger things, humans have some more time because she stopped all the monsters thanks to the machine which sends waves....

Now, Godzilla is really strong, making red light instead of blue, and kills the alien thanks to another monster. And, he even has to beat the fire bird, who did not die from the previous bomb...

I don't know how I could explain more without making 2 000 more words but Millie Bobby brown has a really important role. She can escape terrorist, run faster than the energy rays of the alien and you know, that kind of usual things a young 15 years old woman can do.

So, he's now the new King of the monsters, and while scientists said during the whole movie that Godzilla is one of the humans' side, he want to cohabitate with them. The last dialog of the movie is :

-- Hopefully, he's in our side
--For now.

That happy end totally spoils the last movie.

Godzilla vs Kong (2021)


So... This one is tough.

Godzilla is becoming mean. He's attacking humans. And when I say humans I mean he's attacking really few buildings all belonging to the company APEX.

When a technician of the company is holding a podcast to tell everything he can to the world. Nobody listen to him.. Nobody. Wtf ? Godzilla is aiming this company and nobody care ? Even Monarch, they're just saying "we should find a titan to kill him"

And they have a titan contained on the skull island. I'll be really quick for this one. Kong can speak to a child, to save the world they will need to take energy into the hollow earth, to give it to APEX. For that, they will need Kong because they can't without a titan. It seem that they need to use a vortex and can't just make a hole and go through.

When they are inside, they get that energy, like just take a sample of the ground, send it via wifi and they can create energy from the surface... OK. That will be to power their Mecha Godzilla. That makes a strange rock paper scissors game where Mechagodzilla beats Godzilla who beats Kong who kills MechaGodzilla.

During the fight, Godzilla made a fire ray through the ground and reached the inside of the earth. That means they just needed to dig a hole, don't need to find a titan, catch him, put him on a boat and reach that vortex. Nevermind.

Happy end, we don't know who's the new Alpha between Kong and godzilla, I'm not even sure there is one.

There is a huge problem of scale in that movie. When at a moment Kong seem to be tall as 2 trees :


And here while he's sitting, he's higher than the, I don't know at least 20th floor of this building.


What can we say of these movies ?

They are beautiful ! Just with the posters and screenshots you should already see they are really breathtaking ! All the lights and color are really awesome and all the monsters look so realistic and organic !

But, the story. What Happend ? I'll explain why I think those movies have the Fast and Furious Syndrome.

The first movie has really something great, as you can see on pacific rim, they are trying to make a movie with Kaiju, those Gigantic monsters, Living being way bigger that we could imagine, reaching highs only our biggest monuments reached, and we see all of that through human eyes. Most of time we're seeing how humans, on the ground are living in the middle of this chaos.

The more we are watching the sequels and the more that disappear to have something more soapy. No more artistic envy. Just, watching those monsters from above, where buildings seem smaller. That's probably why we don't find this so awful the difference between the txo previous images. The points of view are totally different.

While the first episode was taking place in a more or less realistic world, the last are juste blockbuster worlds with bioterrorists, children acting like superhero, more jokes and always trying to be more impressive, bigger fights, always more damages.

While in the first fast and furious, people were killed just by one bullet, in the last ones, Vin Diesel fall of like 1 Km and has NOTHING. That's the same, just wanting to be more spectacular. Always. That's exacly why I hate Shonens and I don't want more movies to be Infected by this thing.

I know some movies succeeding that work. They do something more spectacular, but they are not just removing all the sould of the saga. John wick is for me a good exemple. While there is always more violence, they also try to do it more and more nice to watch. They also started to put running gags during the fights, that's not jokes, only things that happen so much that starts to be funny.
I still remember the scene with the knives in the 3rd opus. It's so long and they are throwing so much knives in this small room that starts to be actually funny. At first I thought I was just a psycopath but when I saw it in a theatre, everyone was laughing.


And I think that Just seeing punchs is starting to be really long and boring. The Titans never bleed !! I mean, Why ? When they give 100 puches with their 450 tons hands they should really hurt the other. But no..

I hope this wasn't too long for you :')

And as you can imagine, I really enjoyed watching it...
No really, I hate most of the things inside the movies, but that was really entertaining. I'm happy I did not paid for it, because I don't want to make them think they are doing right.

That was long but I really liked to write it, If some of you know a movie saga please share it with me, I would love to do that again ! (I'm not doing Star Wars or LOTR, something smaller, Maybe John Wick for exemple, Now I speaking of it I really want to watch it again 😅


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