RE: My Chat with AI. Why Are Scientific Theories Taught as Absolute Truth?

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What I find fascinating is that the AI will answer questions that no human would feel comfortable answering. AI doesn't get offended or outraged at foreign ideas or suggesting that almost universally accepted assumptions could be false.

This is because the AI does not have any feelings/emotions. It can only simulate these things. It is simply not possible for an AI to get offended or outrage. These are unknown/impossible for the AI at the level of feeling. It is not capable of it. The AI does not have any feelings/emotions at all. Only living beings are able to have feelings/emotions.

they teach students WHAT to think.

Rather what to say, what to do. And most people say it and do it without thinking, without questioning. Many people do not think at all. They watch the TV, and they believe everything they see/hear on it. Without thinking. Without questioning.