Sunset Photography: Sunset among the Fish Ponds

The photo above was taken with a smartphone camera and did not go through an editing process so that the natural impression of the photo is not lost, I prefer the natural one without any edits because nature itself is created by a natural process without gimmicks and other artificial things.

Sometimes we find something that catches our attention by accident, and if we miss it we may never see it again. The point is to take advantage of the moment we have because most likely a moment will not come a second time.

Seeing the sunset view is always fun, but remember not because by enjoying the sunset view we leave our obligations as humans. Remember and always keep in mind to stay away from negligent nature, because if we are negligent nature is reluctant to welcome us. I don't mean to patronize, I just want to remind myself and hopefully, it can be valuable for all of my friends.

Big Thanks to Sunset Photography community friends who support us all, we will keep the spirit to create quality and fascinating content for this community.