The Comeback

Now wongi is fully back! I can't believe it's been eleven months already. How time flies.

My supposed nine months ride which was extended to an eleven months ride has finally come to an end. It was a journey I didn't want to embark on at first instinct but like they say, no knowledge is a waste. I learnt a whole lot about humans! It felt like I was studying human psychology when in fact I'm studying nursing science. Maybe they corelate one way or the other.


I have lots of experiences from the journey to share with everyone. Trust me, there are enough experiences to go round 😅.

I got to meet new people, interact, make friends and also acquaintances. I introduced lots of people to the blog chain but not all of them took interest in it. The few that took interest had begun and I know they're going to go a long way. Shout out to them!

So the journey I took was an intensive educational journey and they took a lot of time from me, literally. I could say I embarked on the journey looking like a plump fine pumpkin but now, I look like a crayfish! Crazy? I know. It was worth it in the end after all.

I almost forgot to add the part where I met a lot of negativity too. There are people that just have negative vibes all around them. There's this lady that sold fruits. She was always growling and was very rude to her customers. I love taking fruits and I had to deal with her growl each time I went to get some fruits, which was like three times a week. Just terrible. I'm glad I didn't lose my sanity.


Then there was another thing that got me. It seemed the ladies around that area had more beards than the men. Shoot! I almost ran mad when I realised that 'ladies growing beards' was a normalcy around here. Some female students had beards too. It was so bad. Like what happened? Why do the ladies have beards? Like why?

It even got to a point where I stopped people from touching my chin to prevent any unnecessary growth of any kind. Moreover, I didn't have such traits in my genes but you never can be too sure. Did all those people have it in their genes?

I like the fact that I met people who I would want to keep around for a while. Those are the people who were always positive and never negative. I had lots of fun, even though I was always in doors, old habits die hard. My small circle of friends made it so and for that I love them so very much❤️. I wish they all could see this post..


Anyways, if I keep talking I'd probably give a run down of the whole eleven months. Yet, I still can't believe it's been eleven months!

With love, wongi ✨