Reaching A Milestone And Some Recent Development.

At the moment, nothing can be compared to the joy I felt when I realised I have amassed up to 1000 staked zing tokens. This exhilaration was probably due to the fact that it took approximately one month to reach this milestone.


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I delegated some hive power to the zingtoken account on the 20th of November and on the 22th of December, I'm celebrating a milestone! I must confess that I haven't put this much passion into a layer two token prior to this period and so it feels great that my passion isn't exactly going down the drain.

When I began my "Zinging" journey, I thought I had a ton of posh tokens hidden somewhere and that miraculously, I was going to earn zing for the mysterious posh tokens but two weeks in, it was evident that I didn't have any posh tokens. This was really puzzling because I was certain that I was supposed to have a few posh tokens in my possession so I did some snooping and questioning.

After a few days of asking around, I realised that I didn't own any posh tokens irrespective of all the work I did because I hadn't linked my Twitter account to my hive account, or something of that sort. This was obviously bad news but I didn't let that stop me.


I went ahead to purchase some posh tokens and this enabled me to earn extra zing tokens. A good example of a win-win situation.


Some months back, I was listening in on an X space and the question of "how to build and sustain a healthy community" was asked. Different people had their various opinions but on the top of the list was transparency.

I believe that for a community to thrive, the team behind the community is supposed to be as transparent as possible with the rest of the members and so far the team behind 'holozing' as a whole have been quite transparent. This helps to promote community trust and support.

Healer Reveal.

A collage

About ten days ago, three healers were reviewed and I absolutely love how they look. The healers revealed were : The forest(female), the ocean (male) and the light(female).

Honestly, I'm really impressed at how these creatures turned out. They remind me so much of anime characters. As it stands, I don't know which is my favourite of the trio. If you want to know about the healers and the cool things they can do, check this post out.


December Bonus

One of the easiest ways to earn zing tokens is by claiming the December bonuses. I started claiming officially on the 2nd of December, so I have missed out on about six bonuses. These misses were due circumstances which were above me. On the flip side, are you still claiming your bonuses?


Missing out on any new updates isn't a thing I plan on doing and so I am judiciously following the holozing official account on X. Recently, I saw a 3D version of a creature on an X post and the version looked really really impressive. Also, I saw a tease for an important upcoming bridge feature.

Just in case you need more information, below are the useful links about holozing. You can follow their X account for juicy updates.

Official Website -
Hive account -
Delegation account -
Twitter/X account -
Whitepaper -
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Until next time, keep stacking and staking $zing.

All images used are screenshots from my account except stated otherwise

Love, Wongi 🌼


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