My highschool adventure 002



Yet another day, we were in our room just 'gisting' and making random chatters. We basically had nothing to do in school. This was one of those times our school decided to just retain us in school for no sensible reason.

Girls curfew was always 6pm and they were very strict about timing. We always felt cheated because guys could stay out as long as they wished. Immediately after dinner, no female was to be found outside except you were on medication. Haha my mates started claiming we were on medication and we used the opportunity to walk around school feeling recalcitrant.

So one evening, we got busted. Our boarding mistress, who was nicknamed pes5 by our class boys because of her voluminous front endowment, went to the medical center and got all the names of people who were on medication. Turned out that none of us were on medication,lol. So she strictly stopped us from going there.


Like really? We do nothing in school all day, we aren't allowed out of the hostel easily,and now, we weren't allowed to take our evening hike? Well, it was a matter of time before we got back to our hikes. We were very good at breaking rules and annoying school authorities.

But before then, like I said, we were doing our night chattering and my corner mates were just cracking jokes and laughing. The next thing I heard was "wongi, come let's go out of the hostel". I looked at the time 7:30pm. I laughed because, first, our hostel was heavily guarded and we had boarding mistresses too and second, if we stepped out of the hostel, we'd definitely come in contact with security men. She said she was serious. I still couldn't believe.

From the time I said okay! Let's do it till the time I got back on my bed, my heart was in my mouth. I had the feeling of adventure and fear mixed together. We got permission from our boarding mistress saying that my friend was constipated and needed to take some medication and I was supposed to assist her.

We got out and met the security men, after a long interrogation, they decided to let us go. On our way, we saw some of our class boys and she delivered the message she wanted to deliver. Yes! That was her aim, to relate a message. And she did but got caught in the process by a security man. We maneuvered and bypassed the situation.


On getting to the medical center, we bumped into the woman we called 'badoo'. She was very rough and smart at the same time. We passed through another round of interrogation and my friend who was not sick was made to take antacids. I couldn't hold my laughter. We got back to the hostel and the rest of our mates were looking at us as demi-gods, a nice feeling. We became celebrities for that night because the paparazzi was too much.

We made it! And alive too! Well relating the stories, hehe we were laughing and our boarding mistress passed by our room, silent mode was activated immediately. When she got to her room, we continued our laughter. It was a fun adventure.

To be continued.
Thank you for reading.

With love, wongi😊

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