Miracles and Oracles

Miracles and oracles, a nice contrast and also an evidence of evolution. Our forefathers believed in oracles and now most people believe in miracles.

Our forefathers believed more in things they could see but now most people believe in things they can't see, the supernatural. What changed? Did they get tired of believing in material things? Did they realise that material things are never permanent? Did they change because they were colonised by the christians? If they were given a chance, would they go back? I tell a story;


There once lived a man in a village called Sango. He was believed to be the mouthpiece of the gods,an oracle. He always told the villagers about mishaps that were supposed to befall them ahead of time.

One day, the mouthpiece of the gods took ill and hence couldn't consult the gods about the war the villagers were about to embark on. He had no apprentice, or so they thought, and hence nobody could tell.

The villagers went for the war either ways led by the king of the village. There was a massive slaughter during the war, eighty percent of the warriors died and the others escaped. The king himself escaped a narrow death.

The mouthpiece was very angry at the king's decision to go to war without consulting him. The king was also angry because the oracle didn't warn them about what was going to befall him. There was a power tussle and the king ordered that the mouthpiece of the village be exiled.

The oracle cursed the village. He said that there shall be no source of water and the heavens shall be locked. He left the village with his undercover apprentice to a place no one knew about.

The villagers only had one source of water which was the stream 10km away. Things went sideways when the villager received news that the mouthpiece had passed on. This news threw the villagers aback as they were on a curse and they believed that nobody could save them from their plight.

Months turned to a year and a year turned to years. Seven years down and the villagers were getting used to suffering.

One day when the villagers were just going about their normal day, a young guy came and declared himself an apprentice to the late mouthpiece of the village.

He said that there was going to be a miracle in two market days. There was going to be rain and he urged everyone to come and witness this occurrence.

By this time, the king had passed on and the village was being run by the village elders. The king wouldn't have allowed the apprentice into the village.


Everyone came out but nobody except one believed it was going to rain because for seven years no single drop of rain had escaped the sky. The young boy came with an umbrella to the village square where the miracle was supposed to take place.

The apprentice did his incantations and it rained cats and dogs in the village. That was a miracle because nobody expected that to happen.

The apprentice made a statement that the gods were going to choose a new oracle from the village as he was in exile and couldn't occupy that position. The young boy was the only one who had hope and faith in the village which eventually paid off.

The young boy was chosen to become the next oracle and this task didn't come easy. He was put through a series of training and finally became the oracle of the village.


The new oracle appeased the gods the way he could and things went back to normal in the village. The oracle had to choose a new king for the village, a king that would ensure that peace reigned, a king who was selfless. He eventually found someone who he put through a series of tests and was worthy to be called a king. Worthy to rule a village

After this whole occurance the village was at its best. Farmers were getting maximum yield of their crops, market women made good sales and everything was beautiful again. All these were possible because the gods decided to intervene in the affairs of men. It was a miracle.

Can we say that oracles and miracles work hand in hand?

With love, wongi ✨