Hive Rally Zealy Campaign|| Everything You Need To know.


Have you heard of the just commencing Hive Hive Zealy campaign? No? Okay, gather around as I bring you good news.


Today, the zealy campaign in respect to the ongoing Hive car rally kicks off. Just to get you up to speed here is the gist of the car really; "The Central European Rally begins today and Hive is a part of it. Hive is ready to show the power of web3 powered rally cars in the wrc". Check out this tweet by theycallmedan to get more information.

So, a Zealy campaign in respect to the Hive car rally is kicking off today. This is to help spread the word. Remember, the power of community should never be underestimated. We should all get together to take web3 and Hive at large to the world.


You probably must have heard of the Hive zealy campaign that kicked off at the beginning of October and you may be confused as to whether this campaign is part of that campaign. The answer is a NO. In this campaign, everyone gets a fresh start. If you start today, you are starting with experience points (XP)just like everyone else. My little advice to you would be–start early and start swiftly. Do not sit back to ponder. This is Hive we're talking about and as a dedicated Hivian, you should be willing to bring Hive to light in the little ways you can.

The fun part is that the tasks are very easy. The tasks for this campaign are basic things we all do on a daily basis. Things like;Quoting tweets on X, Uploading provided content to your personal accounts, Commenting, liking, retweeting,Using specific tags, etc. Wouldn't it be great to get paid for something you do for free everyday? Think about it.

Prize Pool

This is probably the last that most people were waiting for. The good thing about Hive is that you do not toil or labour for free(that is if you consider bringing Hive to light a Labour). You get rewarded for everything you do as far as you are doing it right and consistently.

The prize pool for the Hive Rally Zealy Campaign is a whooping 1500 HBD. This prize would be distributed to everyone who finishes all the quests given to them. Remember when I said you should be consistent? This is where your consistency comes to play. If you ask me, it is like killing two birds with one stone; you help to expose Hive to the world and also get rewarded for this. Very intriguing!


I would urge you all to take part in this campaign. The exposure of Hive currently lies in your hands. I say this because the Central European Rally is a very big event. A very large crowd is going to be there. So what is it going to be? Would you hope on the moving train? Or would you hope on the moving train,hehe. If you're interested in playing your part, then here is an invitation link. Just so you're clear, your quests would be under the "sprint" and not the "general". Goodluck to you as you play your part.

Have a lovely weekend ahead

Images are screenshots from the zealy campaign website and from Hive. None of them belong to me.

Love, wongi✨

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