Feelings in the Air

Greetings everyone.

Those days when you have an exams but you don't feel like it? Have you ever been there before? Well, today's that day for me.

During exams, the tension usually comes from your peers who are equally studying and trying their best to get all the knowledge they can get in a small span of time.


The reverse is the case for these exams. Everyone is just ready to go into the exam hall and do whatever, or so they are saying.

In times like this, the majority of people that stay behind closed doors to read is less than those perambulating around.

Another reason could be because the exams are objective ( MCQ) exams and so if the option is not a then it's b.

These examinations are from 9am to God knows when. I shall not be misled by the environment or the cold weather that's telling me to sleep more. I'd see you later.

With love, wongi ✨