Dear shy Joseph

I've been laughing at this story and so I decided to share a piece of it. It's a narration from one of my friends, Joseph.

Joseph attended an all boys school. It was a Catholic school and besides their school was also an all girls catholic school. Then came the invention of the "slug book".

The slug book was basically a book where boys would open a page, paste their picture, write about themselves and would send it to the female seminary. The girls would do the same and send to the boys seminary. That way, a means of communication was built up.

So, anyone could pick up a slug book, see a profile the person likes, then write a letter and send it to the person. Joseph was always the one doing all the writing since he had the skills and also a good handwriting. Funny fact is that he never actually participated in it. He was too shy to even face a girl.

Peer pressure built up. Most people he knew were doing the" letter writing and profile liking" . His closest friend as at then was like the" Valentino" of it all yet his shyness won't let him. After a whole lot of pressurizing he decided to give it a try.

He recalled that one of his primary school friends was in the female seminary and she wasn't taken yet so he said "yes! That is the girl I'm going to fall in love with". He said he would fall in love with her like they were going to fall into a hole and the hole was named love.

To help his matter, his school hosted an "all cat" (all catholic school) one week program and so all catholic schools both for boys and girls came together. Ghen ghen! It was time for him to see the girl. His close friend decided to make his journey smooth and so he went to talk to the girl first.

He got there, spoke with the girl and told her that his friend was looking for him. Joseph was already sweating so profusely. His hand was wet, his legs were wobbly. You could feel how tense he was. His friend pointed at him and the girl was already excited.

She was so happy to finally get to see her primary school mate after so long. She and Joseph's friend started approaching Joseph. You could see the excitement on the girl's face.
Joseph on the other hand couldn't take it any more. His legs failed him. The next thing he knew, he found himself inside his hostel. He freaking ran away as the girl was approaching!

Oh my! I laughed so hard at that point. I could only imagine how much the girl laughed at him too. Later that night, Joseph's friend came into the hostel and was very angry with him because he actually got the guy embarrassed. Joseph said for the whole week that the program was held, he didn't leave his hostel. He was in doors throughout. He saw the girl and he couldn't fall in love again, lol.

Newsflash!! Fast forward to higher institution, he met the girl again and this time she was his course mate. You can only imagine how much the girl laughed when she remembered what happened that day. A story one could never forget

thanks for reading.....

With love wongi, 😊

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