A Cause for Second Thoughts


"Won't it be nice to know who you were in your past life?" A stranger asked Tom as he was heading back from the grocery store.

"I'm sorry, what?" Tom asked

Tom has never been a fan or believer of reincarnation, karma and all those stuffs.

"Would you like to know who you were in your past life? Think about it" the strange lady said as she walked slowly out of his sight.


Tom shrugged and also walked aways. "She was probably just blabbing rubbish like other people do" he thought.

He got home, arranged the groceries into place and headed for his room. He had a tiring day and all he needed was rest.

He blobbed on his soft and comfy bed. Too bad he had it all to himself. Nobody to share it with.

Tom had always been the lonely rich guy who didn't trust anyone. He felt anyone who came around him always wanted something and he was kinda right because he had many experiences to share on that thought.

Second fact was he didn't believe in love. He believed love was for weak people. Why would he succumb to one person? As powerful as he was? This was backed up with the fact that his parents were totally in love when he was growing up but as his dad died, his mom got so weak. She kept sulking each day and night although she tried to be strong. He didnt want to be put in that situation and do he preferred to stay alone.

Tom dozed inbetween his thoughts. His body really needed the sleep.

Soldiers matching on a straight line. Seems like they were on training. The screams from the commander, the sweat, the heat and everything! The atmosphere was really toxic and began wondering why he was there.


"Get your ass in order Tom! The next time you try missing a step you're going to pay for it. You know quite well what happens to those that are supposed to 'pay'. The commander yelled.

Tom started fidgeting. He didn't even know what he was doing. Should he
go left or right? He stood there looking like a dummy while every other person made moves and turns.

"Okay! That's it Tom Anderson!. Time to pay for disorderliness. Get yourself to the line by the river." The commander instructed.

Tom turned to look around and the expression on his colleagues faces was sorrowful. They were already sympathizing with him.

He sluggishly walked to the river. Carnivorous fishes were all he saw inside the river. Was he supposed to walk on the line without falling inside the river? Is that even possible.

"Okay Tom! Go ahead. Climb the road. I really want to see you at the end of rope son." The commander said.

Tom started thinking how he got there. Yes! His parents in that
life had sent him there. His dad was a General and he wanted his son in the force too. He remembered that he hated his father for forcing him into this. He felt his father didn't love him and his mother couldn't stand against him. Apparently, his mother was a war doctor and so had witnessed how soldiers got wounded and even died. Yet, she couldn't stand up for him.

Tears rolled down his eyes as he made for the line. He climbed on the line and tried to maintain balance as much as possible.
He made the first three steps and whoosh the water splashed as he fell inside. He struggled for his life but those fishes seemed like they had not eaten in yesrs. The river was soon covered in blood. In his blood.

That was the end of Tom in that life. That was how he died. Not believing in love and at the same time hating his parents.

Tom jolted up from the dream. Sweat dripped down his cheeks an he checked to see if he had any fish bites on him. He sighed and
tried to catch his breathe. So that was it. That was how he died in his last life? He died on training? No wonder he abhored soldiers.


It was eight o'clock already and he was late for his scheduled meeting. "Well, you have to be patient to be able to meet dignitaries" he said out loud as he prepared for work with a totally different mindset. An open and free mindset. Ready to live his life to the fullest.

With love, wongi ✨