How to prevent kidney failure


What is kidney failure?

Well the major job of our kidneys is to help us to filter waste out from our blood so that the waste can be removed from the body via the urine , when the kidneys of a person stops working and is unable to do its job then it is called kidney failure..

Some ways we can prevent kidney failure are : of the ways to prevent kidney failure is to ensure that you manage your blood sugar rightly , diabetes do increase the risk for a heart disease and also kidney failure too..

2..Another thing to do in order to prevent kidney failure is for you to manage your blood pressure , it is said that high blood pressure can increase the risk for a heart disease and also a kidney failure..

3...We should ensure that we maintain a healthy weight because obesity can increase the various risks for conditions which are associated with kidney failure, conditions such as high blood pressure and also diabetes..

4...Avoid eating too much salt , Excessive intake of salt can cause high blood pressure...

5...Always make sure that you drink enough water because dehydration do reduce the blood flow to your kidneys, which can then damage the kidneys.

6...Limit your alcohol intake if you want to prevent kidney failure..

7...Excessive smoking can reduce the blood flow to your kidneys ,so stay away from it.

8..Always reduce your anxiety and stress, when you reduce the stress it will make it possible to lower your blood pressure and that will help your kidneys to be in good condition..

9...Also learn to excercise regularly..