How To Format Android Smartphones?


Since there could be a slowdown or a different problem over time on the smartphones using Android operating systems, we may need to format. I explained how to format a smartphone with Android below. The method may change due to Android version.

  • Open the Settings Menu from the main menu of the phone. We can also access the settings menu from the gear icon on the top right.

  • After Settings Menu, enter the Reset Menu under the General Management or System menu, depending on the feature of the device we have.

  • After entering this menu, you come across three options: Factory Reset, Reset Network Settings and Reset Factory Settings.

  • Restore Factory Settings: If we select this feature, our phone returns to the state we first removed from the box.

  • Reset Network Settings: We reset the phone's network connection settings etc.

  • Reset to Factory Settings: With this feature, all data and settings on the phone are deleted and there is no return.

Formatting needs to be done carefully. Because after the factory reset has been done, this process is irreversible and you cannot recover the deleted data.