Self Hypnosis for a Good Nights Sleep

Sleep issues plague many individuals. From not being able to fall asleep, insomnia, waking up all night or even waking up tired after a full night's sleep, the issues all prevent the sufferer from being fully rested. It is a frustrating cycle leading to a carousel of sleep aids and sleep studies. I suffered from insomnia for the longest time. I found hope, and rest, in a simple technique that requires only a comfortable position and a bit of patience. A hypnotist taught me this technique, and it was one of the few things that can bring me into a deep sleep. It combines meditation and self hypnosis to relax your mind and body. It allows for everything to align for optimal relaxation.


First prepare yourself for bed. Make sure you are wearing comfortable night clothes. Find a comfortable position in bed. Ensure that your environment is darkened and quiet. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Each breath should fill your lungs to full capacity, hold for about two seconds and slowly blow out. Being complete with the breaths is important. It oxygenates the blood and allows your muscles to start the relaxation process automatically.

The stage is now set for relaxation. Bring the mind focus first to your toes. Feel each and every one of them. Silently, through your mind relax each and every toe. Feel each muscle relax. Move to the base of your foot. Feel the tension running out of the muscles. Slowly move up your body, focusing on each individual muscle. Visualize the tension leaving the muscle. See it losing the ability to move. It is falling into a state of deep relaxation. Any muscle that just does not relax, spend more time on. Visualize a twisted rubber band becoming untwisted and becoming floppy. Continue higher and higher until you drift off into a relaxed slumber.

If you reach the top of your head and still do not find sleep, start over. Take three deep breaths to begin the process. Do not be surprised if your chest area feels heavier. This is fine and natural with this relaxation technique. By the time you are partially done with the second pass, most find blissful sleep.

This technique takes a few days to master. Do not worry if you fumble on it the first day or so. After a week or so of practice, most people find this to be a quick and easy technique for deep sleep.

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