Four Reasons To Collect Silver Coins


Increases in value: With the silver prices increasing everyday, investing in silver is a great idea. The longer you own a piece of silver, the more it will be worth. Of course there will be times where silver will go down, but it is sure to spike right back up. If these precious metals ever take one step back, they will take three steps right back up. It is guaranteed that the old coins your great grandpa has in his safety deposit box have doubled or even tripled in value.


Protect against inflation: Investing in silver will most certainly protect against inflation. In the 1960’s silver was no longer put into our coins when they were made. Quarters and half dollars no longer contained this precious metal. The reason you can protect yourself again inflation by investing in silver is because paper money is becoming more worthless everyday. The government can print out millions and millions of paper dollars since it doesn’t cost anything to make. Silver will always have value to it. The alternatives to paper dollars is real estate, stocks and precious metals. Investing in one or all of these will help protect yourself and your family against inflation.

Exciting hobby: Collecting silver is a fun and exciting hobby. Those who have a collection enjoy looking at their silver coins and researching the rarity and value of them. Some collectors may even enjoy getting them graded and selling and trading coins. Popular grading companies such as NGC or PCGS can authenticate your coins and tell you if they are counterfeit or not. There are many different types of collectors out there; those who collect rare coins, limited editions and those who are just looking for a certain amount of silver content. If you are a collector it is important to keep your coins in a safe plastic container. The more human hands handle a coin, the less valuable it is because it is worn down. Keeping them in uncirculated condition is definitely an excellent idea.

Pass them down: Passing down your silver coins and your hobby is a great feeling. Knowing that your children and grandchildren will soon inherit your coins, will give you a secure feeling. Before they are passed down, explain to them the value and how important they are. It is recommended that you don’t allow the coins into their possession until they are adults and old enough to understand.

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