WoW Delta-11 Resin is ALIVE! 🔌⚡💥😵🧟


After having such a good experience with my very first Delta 8 and Delta 10 vapes, which I reviewed in my last post, I decided to branch out a little and give two new vape brands a try.


All I can say is Wow!

The first vape I tried is this OG Kush WoW Delta-11 Live Resin, WOWWEEEEEEEE! This Indica OG is a creeper, you'll find yourself juiced up and super stoned with a few puffs. This OG has a very strong body high, combined with a clean mellow feeling that will light up anyone's day! The vape cartridge has a really classic lemony aurora, with hints of natural Orange Zest. The vape is not super sweet which gives it a more natural mellow vibe.
The oversized Vape cartridge is 2 Grams, which is really a plus because buying this one is like two for the price of one!!

The next Vape Cartridge I tried, you'll get a Jolt out of this...

When I first heard about these vapes my memory jolted back to Jolt Cola. I remember trying JOLT Cola with all the sugar and twice the caffeine, I was bouncing off the ceiling. This company knows how to make strong products, so my gut reaction was to give it a try.

JOLT Purple Punch lives up to its name!

I'm glad I tried it, this THCid + THCP + D10 D9 Live Indica Resin is truly powerful and will give a JOLT to all the senses. This brand lives up to its reputation & "Spikes the Punch" with all the new sweet THC recipes that will knock you off your feet as if Mike Tyson were a big purple boxing bud. For real though, this vape is tastily packing a sweet fruity flavor, while maintaining the classic stoney' vibe that reminds me of the early days of smoking weed.

All in all, I like both of these vapes that I tried for the first time, and these two cartridges tend to complement one another. The Wow is a more natural and woody citrus flavor with a nice clean "day high" and Jolt packs a punch with its sweet fruity flavor and high, and combined both of these vapes are awesome and I give them A+++++++++++++!

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