Women And Cryptocurrency


For many the cryptocurrency world isn't a place for women because of the assumed complexity or intricacy that comes with it. It's actually funny because reverse is actually the case, statistics has shown that women were and are still involved in cryptocurrency and the numbers keep increasing daily although staggering. Coincoiner, a cryptocurrency exchange revealed that in the first quarter of 2020 there was a 47% increase in the number of women in cryptocurrency. Most people assume that figures and charts wouldn't attract the opposite gender but facts and records have shown that women have been a part of the crypto world quite earlier than many think. One of such inspiring women is Caitlin Long who became a Bitcoin evangelist as far back as 2012 when she found out about how it. She also fought for it's recognition in Wyoming as a real asset and today Wyoming has 13 Blockchain enabling laws.

Another great example is Abigail Johnson who after being appointed Fidelity CEO in 2014 moved to support the cryptocurrency space and even launched a Bitcoin mining operation , creating a unique industry for the company Fidelity. These actions led fidelity to be one of the first wall street firms to support the cryptocurrency world. Both figures have advocated the need for the traditional financial institutions to evolve by embracing the blockchain and all it has to offer. Another recent example is Hester Pierce , SEC commissioner also know as crypto mom by people in the sector for her passionate efforts in the crypto space. These figures are just a few of the many other women figures that have made their mark in the crypto world contrary to the opinion of many.

It has been estimated that only 2 out of 10 women are currently investing in the cryptocurrency especially in third world countries like Nigeria. These can be due to the male dominance in the field as well as the excessive mansplaining that many have to go through.Most men in these countries simply assume that a woman wouldn't be interested in such or that their mood swings or hormonal changes would prevent them from making proper decisions in the space. It is even sadder because a large percentage of these women also believe they wouldn't understand how it works and just give up entirely. Giving up on a great opportunity to be a part of the evolving world early and the advantages that come with it. Contrary to this belief, studies have shown that women perform equally or even better at generating returns on investment when compared to men.

It is important to know that the sooner most women are involved in the cryptocurrency the better for the future generation, the economy and even the crypto space.This is actually because they are more likely to teach the future generation thereby spreading the world faster among the coming generations. Not only for the future generations but for themselves as well, by taking advantage of the space more women can gain financial freedom and stability without having to depend on anyone.The more clarity and understanding women get about cryptocurrency the more numbers we might see in the future but it is also important that women stop underestimating themselves but rather take advantage of this space and the benefits it holds.