What Made Me Popular In School




School life like people use to say is one of the best moment in everyone life because we get to meet and associate with lot of peeps we really known until we become close and this is one part of life where we mostly create our cliques who might be our long time friends. I always sit down in one corner views how the popular jingo of my set use to do, or how they manage to be so popular because from my own end, I always try my possible best not to get noticed so I really don't associate with people, I go on my own and make sure I stayed hidden as much as I can.

There is this guy in my department and he was the most popular guy because everyone knew him even in other department, not because of books because back in the secondary school days, you can only get that popularity if you know book (like your intellect is above everyone else) but this guys was popular due to his social life and how ladies flock around him, they even named him King of Physiology (Kop) or King of Girls (KOP) right from 100 level and the nick stick with him even till date because I always call him Kop instead of his real name, while I on the other hand kept a low life until I join the blogging this blogging platform in 2017 before turning into hive blog, I blogged and earn even though it was a gradual process and it took a while and before then I have been in other mlm businesses since I was looking for means to earn and survive through school since I was the one sponsoring myself (70%), so while focusing on studies, I was make research also, so when I join the platform and I started earning, My friends started seeing some changes in me and asked me what changed, So I had to tell them about the platform and most were eager to join, so I thought them what I know and before I knew it, from 1 person, it turned to 2 and more, so what they do is to send anyone interest to me so I can lecture them.

We move from one blockchain to another and also join Airdrops, available dapps we can come about while investing with what we earn. It was really fun, those that doesn't have idea of what I was into do think that I'm a G guy because I always carry my laptop and even extension everywhere but anytime there is light in school, I always charge and I'm not the only one but I have people who do back me up or even explain to them that what I'm into is legal and I'm a content creator. Those moment was really fun especially when we joined the Agf academy football contest where we trained based on the instruction give on the site, make videos of it and blog about it. This actually change my life and ways about people, I was able to have fun while associating with people around me and I'm still on the platform even till now because It is one of my building block that can never be forgotten.