What is Web 3.0?


These days I am sure we have come across Web 3.0 a couple of times especially those involved in cryptocurrency and are starting to wonder what is going on. Well, imagine an internet Siri able to provide all the answers you require tailored to you alone. While it might not be fully integrated yet, according to the Cointelegraph Web 3.0 is a future version of the internet based on Public blockchain, a record keeping system best known for facilitating cryptocurrency transactions. The reasons why you keep hearing about it on this side of the space i.e Crypto space is because it is built or will be built with the same technology as cryptocurrencies so it can be decentralized.

By making it a decentralized network users own and can govern parts of the internet meaning no single authority like Apple or Google control what you see on the net. You wouldn't need a governing authority to decide what info or service you have access to because they are eliminated i.e now peer to peer. It is simply internet connected in a decentralized manner i.e permissionless and personalized. The idea of the Web 3.0 didn't just come into existence,the idea had long been underway with the World Wide Web inventor referring to it as the "Semantic Web" as it is going to be intelligent, open and more autonomous than what we are used to. In the Web 2.0 which most internet platforms operate on currently, we have no control over our data or how it is stored and so many businesses use this data without our knowledge or permission.

Although the Web 2.0 has brought lots of benefits including the ease at which people could become creators while making money off it's viewers, it's exploitation and centralization cannot be overlooked. Infact, government can easily shut things down when citizens start to speak a language they don't want to understand on social media platforms or engaging in certain investments using centralized serves like in the case of countries like Nigeria. By combining Artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology these flaws can be addressed from the ground up to give users ultimate control over what they put out and what they take in.

The main feature that will help Web 3.0 apps stand out from its predecessors is the fact that they will be built on the blockchain a decentralized network just like that which makes Decentralized Exchanges most sort after in the crypto world. In the crypto world Web 3.0 tokens are associated to the vision of creating a decentralized internet (quoted from the Cointelegraph). It is important to understand that decentralization isn't the only feature that makes Web 3.0 different as it include others like Artificial intelligence, Ubiquity, Semantic Web and 3D graphics.

It's Ubiquity means it will be able to provide users data anywhere anytime and not be limited to traditional devices like the smartphone or computers, which means your oven or heater might just be able to provide you info. By combining with AI, information can be intelligently tailored to every user while bringing the 3D virtual world even closer to us all. With the controversy going on among tech giants, Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk and the rest it is certain that it is a concept we all should look into critically for better understanding because even though it is a futuristic concept it sure is a ground breaking one.