What Is Crypto Metaverse


Lately attention has shifted to the Crypto Metaverse and many people are quite confused what this means especially with the involvement of NFT. According to Gemini, Crypto Metaverse is an immersive virtual world that incorporates Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies. One could liken it to a huge space connecting different features and apps but with blockchain technology. With the creation of blockchain the idea of Metaverse now has an even more interesting future as it makes it even easier for virtual avatars to move across the space better while increasing the kind of actions possible in the Metaverse.

On the Metaverse just like in the movie "Ready player one" players can interact, create experiences and even create in-worls items experiencs and landscapes. Infact it's like another world but on the blockchain which allows players to do things and be things they can't be in real life. The movie "Free guy" is also an interesting example as each Metaverse will have its own intrinsic features based on the creators creativity and how much involvement and power they intend to allow players. Perhaps you are wondering what makes crypto Metaverse special since something similar has been in existence but you should understand that with the involvement of blockchain technology the dynamic changes completely.

A good example are NFT games. Before NFT games, players had to invest so much into these games without the hope of earning anything in return hence enriching these gaming companies but since the advent of NFT games the narrative has changed and players can make lots of money playing NFT games. With the involvement of Blockchain real value comes in and makes it a concept worthy of investment. This means you can become a rich fella by simply investing in Crypto Metaverse just like people are with NFT games.

A trending example is the Sandbox Metaverse game that allows players to buy plots of lands and develop them based on their interest. Currently their Alpha season closed December 20th but many people are anticipating the next season with major companies also investing over $80million in the project. Infact crypto giants like Coin market cap and Binance have bought plots of land in anticipation of it's full release, an indication that 2022 might actually belong to the Crypto Metaverse as we expected.

Crypto Metaverse do not only intend to give players the ultimate gaming experience while earning money, some have governance token that are issued to players as a opportunity or right to be a part of the projects decision making and future. Thus giving participants ownership of the Metaverse even if the original creators decide to leave or if taken over by new owners.