The $Gods Are Back: BOTG Weekly Earning Completed

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Seeing the #godunchained hive community coming up again is one of the good news I see so far, we can now start blogging about our gameplay, challenges and likely join some event or tournament that might come up in future. If you are active, you would notice the campaign event going on which is the blessing of the Gods that happen each week and will end in the next 8 weeks, i think we are in week 3 now which will end today. Another week starting soon and you can participate by following the guidelines

My Experience So Far

On my part here, this event is really challenging, playing 60 matches and making sure you win 21 out of it is really cool but the opponents you will be face are though most times, this make it seems hard and you might want to quit playing for a while especially if you got defeated continuously. I remembered when i join the event, i couldnt complete the three bonus point, i completed two part and earn 2 total point which gave me 4.8 gods token

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was so happy because i can now earn while playing the game. This week, i was able to complete all bonus point, earn 3 total point and currently waiting to see how many Gods i will receive this time.

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Most times I make use of the war deck, especially the slayer powers which give 2 damages to the opponent gods and also love most of the ability i choose. currently my win rate is still low, not up to average, gradually learning how to play and form a strategy to increase my win rate and also know more about the game so i can write a good post next time. See you all soon.

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