The State Of Bank Issues | Almost Got Embarrassed Today

The state of things in my country Nigeria is really scary and some kind of situation someone can easily get tired of. I have been in my room since I got back to Lagos in January and I decided not to even go out to enjoy myself or go on adventures with my friends all because I wish to build up my crypto portfolio which I spent more than 70% of it in 2022 trying to build up something for my mum back at home since I won't be staying in the same town with her. Due to this quest, I postpone most of my outings with friends using one excuse or the other and at the end we had to cancel it after fuel scarcity set in.



It was actually a funny moment anytime I think about it, I literally abandon my ride and only go out on sunday to church then back to my hood watching movies or playing games. As if the fuel scarcity wasn't enough problem at hand, the government came up with the Naira redesigning announcement which fucked everything up with the hope of curbing corruption and preventing vote buying in the forth coming elections, when I heard the news, I laughed because this country can't surprised me anymore. I actually knew trouble/problems was lurking around, they once made E-Naira announcement last year which they abandon after a while because the hype die down and those that brought it are at lost currently, now they want to redesign 3 currency out of all the currencies, which they did with some funny kind of design, we all laughed until they placed deadline on the old naira note yet they didn't allow the new notes to circulate, lot of hidden agendas yet suffering the masses.

It really affected everyone to the extend that we had to forget the fuel scarcity problems at hand, how are going to get fuel without cash ( impossible), at first we taught the banks was the one holding the money which was wrong but later figured out it wasn't circulated, well the top people's had most of it. Now things are worst within the past few days because people vexed and retaliated, destroying any bank they came across and literally burning most of it which worsen the matter, even the only hope (which are the POS people) took advantage of the situation and charge high fee on any little money you want to withdraw. My own problem now is the bank network which isn't doing well, there are some occasion I will buy some stuffs, beg the seller to take transfer as a means of payment and after making the transfer I will be debited and yet it won't deliver, this situations are really embarrassing, and I had to call my friends for help.

I'm a shy person and I don't like disturbing people for help, I had to always give it a lot of thought before I can call someone to help me with somethings but this kind situation we are in, is really making things worse, bank network failed me today when I went to change my car engine oil, I tried crediting my external bank (palmpay) from gtb and they deducted it without delivering it, I was dumbfounded because that was the last cash on me, and I don't know what to say to the mechanic after he complete is work, won't I pay for his services because I don't know which excuse to give and with the situation of things, I can't imagine how he will reacted. I had to check out my hive wallet and convert some of my hbd, thank God I didn't put all my egg in one basket, which story will I give today. The situation is really terrible and I hope things get sorted after the elections this week.