The Range Swimmer From The Water Tribe

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Yippe!!! it is time for another splinterland weekly challenge where you share your battle based on which theme choose for the week and this time we are going deep into the water element to pick a ranger cards Kulu SwimHunter which is a fully endowed when maxed but doesnt have any ability to back it up, I rarely see this cards in battle maybe because people love using cards with ability as an added advantages and been a water tribe, most people focus on the melee and magic cards the most. Giving this card a good speed can also boost it and make it perform well.

My Line Up

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The battle was between I and @skullicus in a 50 mana capped battle and we were given the Stampede rule which give monster card with the trample ability more advantage to attack if it destroy a monster card and we were to pick from life, water or earth element, Since Kulu is a water card, I decided to use it instead. Now I had to arrange my cards to suit the battle because I dont know what my opponent will shock me with. Since we have a huge mana cap, it is compulsory for me to use a taunt card in this kind of battle plus lot of magic cards because I will be using a magic water summoner. So I picked

My Level 3 The Kraken which is fully endowed with Taunt, Demoralize and Enrage abilty which is really a good one, and i decided to back it with lvl 5 Electic eels which will shock my opponent with the extra blast ability and also do extra damage. Followed by lvl 5 Captain's Ghost even though it had the Affliction ability, I had to push it to level 5 to get the oppress ability incase if my opponent use a non attacker cards, I can do double damage to such cards. I always try to boost my monster cards speed or counter my opponent incase he want to use the card that can reduce my speed, so I picked Ruler of the seas which also have blast and also silence ability to reduce enemy magic card attack, So I placed Kulu Swimhunter in this position since it is a ranger card and it wont suffer much attack except my opponent use a sneak card. Finally I placed Nerissa Tridawn as my backliner which is fully rich in magic attack and also health to hold any attack from that position.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

battle link

I was a good setup because I won flawlessly without losing most of my card and the main card didnt receive any damage. Really nice using magic cards mostly to attack opponent health directly. I will always love to use this kind of formation next time except if we have a rule that can allow rangers to attack in first position, so i might use more rangers instead of magic.

Check this out, what do you think of the strategy? Join use on splinterland here


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