The Dragon Battle | Splinterland Weekly Challenge

It time to take part in this week battle challenge and am glad based on one thing, we are using the dragons this week, the dragon challenge. The dragon is one of my easy to use element probably because I levelled them up and it really contain some strong monster cards with good strength and abilities. When I saw the theme picked for this week challenge, I smiled right away and decided to participate.

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battle link

The battle was between I and @pocoto in a 30 mana cap battle and also with heavy hitters, up close and personal rules which allow only melee monster cards and also gave them the knock out abilites. Since I decided to use dragon summoner coupled with life element, The heavy hitters rule which give knock out abilities is somehow not useful in the battle mainly because I wont be using a stun ability card. Let check out the formation. Since it is a melee only battle, there are some important abilities you might want to use to counter or add extra damage to your opponent, which include thorns, demoralize ability. So I picked Djinn Chwala which have the thorn and enrage abilities at lvl 5 which make it strong for that first position, Manticore with the Flying, Reach and Thorns ability to support it. Celestial Harpy with the opportunity, true strike and flying ability at attack from the center. So I decide to use the sneak monster cards that also have double strike to attack from behind so I picked Dhampir Infiltrator and Slivershield Assassin to do the attack, was left with 1 mana so I picked Creeping ooze with the slow ability to reduce the enemy monster speed for the main time.

I was shocked when i saw what the opponent brought in even though the summoner he picked wasnt totally in line but the blast ability from Yodin Zaku is something, I might have lost the match if he really picked monsters card with good health stat.

check out the video, you will see how the battle went, his setup and possible mistake he made in the battle. bringing in a Magnor to probably hook me down without knowing my double strike monster cards are really ready to attack, that gave me upper hand because both that do 12 health damage in total and they didnt miss any. it was really a flawless battle and I won the match.


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