The Crypto World And Our Children


The crypto space is booming and although I am not a financial advisor I believe I have enough understanding on crypto and I believe by reading this article you would see reasons with me on why you should buy cryptocurrency for our children. The first cryptocurrency Bitcoin was created in 2009 and as at 2nd Of November 2021 Bitcoin is pegged at 62k and the possibilities the crypto world has to offer keeps increasing. More people are becoming financially stable from the comfort of their homes without a degree or a license. More projects with great potential are being created and as a good trader /enthusiasts understands that keying early is important.

For example, should I create a wallet for my kids when they are born and buy into projects with good potentials early. By the time they are 10 or ready for college the possibility of that coin or token growing to 1000X is high. This means they would be rich kids before they clock 16/18 with enough to set them up for a long period or even for life. By investing as little as $1000 when they are born into different crypto portfolios they wouldn't have to bother studying some course they don't enjoy in a bid to be financially stable. I am sure some are wondering if that happens anymore but yes it still does especially in 2nd and 3rd world countries.

With that huge pile of money sitting pretty in a crypto wallet setting up a business or following their dreams is very possible. Rather than having to work 4jobs a day just like we have to now, they would have enough to keep their business on its feet for a very long time. Making it easier to become financially stable from a very young age.

Compared to piggy banks, this is an even profitable way of exposing children to the financial world early.I know some might be doubting if children would be able to grasp they much complexity but I believe the earlier the better. That way they would have learned how to make proper research before deciding what coin or token to invest in and not to invest in funny looking schemes just because they are based of a popular movie, Red light! Just like sex education, many parents think they are protecting their children by avoiding the topic when infact they are leaving them unequipped in the world. Although many might argue that the crypto world is too volatile to expose children to but the sooner they know life ain't all Disney world the better.

Other investments also have their cons but the point is understanding the market and how to make the best of it. The crypto space is expanding, there are NFTs, games and many other projects to key into without necessarily having to trade. Many countries are moving to create their own digital currencies while some have even accepted Bitcoin as a legal tender. So if there's a time to help your children join the moving train, it's now.