Splinterland Focus Point: Is This The End Of Energy Capture Rate Usage

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We actually thought this is the beginning of a new era in the splinterland space since the announcement of the recent updates came to existence, we were all excited, from my end here, I was really happy mainly because I can earn more chest without reaching the championship league which is really hard and I was capped at diamond 1 due to my total collection power. You know the joy when you can earn 150 chest every season without been in the championship league lolz, we were all excited.

Not only that, It was announced that new reward card will be available with different new abilities that can only be earn from chest reward, who wont love that. Earning new cards for free without purchasing then from packs, Amazing but it wasnt what we expect. I manage to reach diamond 1 last season based on the fact that the highest league you reach in the previous season will now determine your reward in the next season and the reward card was updated so I got some of the new reward cards as usual but after checking out the update, It wasnt really what most people expect.

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Energy Capture Rate Over Earn Point

Since the the update, earning more point so as to receive more daily chest and more season chest have been the other of the day but to fulfil this, the energy capture rate is really draining, we all know if one ECR is low, your dec win will always reduce, but do users have a choice now. We are in between and you have to decide will you keep maintaining your Energy rate and lose the juicy chest reward or drain your Energy Capture rate to earn more chest reward. What do you think, is this update really favourable? Are you maintaining your ECR or you prefer the juicy chest instead?

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