Should You Accept Payment In Cryptocurrency As An Employee?


Cryptocurrencies are everywhere and although the first cryptocurrency was created years ago it didn't receive as much popularity as it does now. Others might argue that the lockdown also contributed to its popularity due to the fact that many lost their jobs and had to seek alternative ways to earn money. The crypto world ever since creation has turned ordinary men into wealthy or financially independent people from the comfort of their homes and this is because trading cryptocurrencies doesn't require a certificate, a degree or huge capital, anyone can trade as long as they understand just what they are doing. The more popular it gets the more people are starting to realize that earning in crypto can even mean better opportunities for them. So before you accept payment in cryptocurrency as a freelancer or an employee, here are 3 advantages of earning in cryptocurrency that you should be familiar with

The first being the ease and speed of transactions. Compared to bank transactions crypto transactions have proven to be even faster and easier. Unlike bank transactions that might need a cheque, appearance at the bank and so much more crypto transactions require even less validations and lesser fees. Crypto transactions can be done from anywhere with your digital wallet, mobile phone and good internet while requiring lesser validations.

All payments are mobile. If you are like me that hates banks because of the long queues and the terrible customer service then earning in crypto might be for you. Getting things done at the bank takes hours and even mobile banking apps are worse especially when they are slow or suddenly stop working just when you need them. By getting paid in crypto, you are paid faster and from anywhere in the world. For example the need to have a working PayPal account especially for freelance workers living in countries without PayPal would be eliminated, getting paid in cryptocurrencies would easily solve that which can then be swapped for fiat currencies easily.

Indirect investment opportunities. Earning in fiat currencies can make investing or savings pretty hard because you find it even difficult to set money aside. By earning in crypto it's quite easier to swap just a little of your earning for your upkeep and leave the rest as a form of investment. The possibility of this token increasing in value is very high and so you would be accumulating wealth even while working under a boss. For instance let's say you earn in BNB, leaving it to accumulate over a period of time , the value would have probably increased to even X2 it's original price. BNB was $336 almost a month ago and currently it's at $476, meaning you would have gained a $100 more in a month from doing nothing.

There are many other advantages of earning in cryptocurrency like the high level of privacy you enjoy, no credit card transaction fees, no expensive and ridiculous charge back fees and even no taxes if you live in certain countries.