I think this is the second splinterland weekly challenge for this year and to be honest I started loving this particular cards the moment I test the card out and it really make me notice something I wont say have neglect since i started playing this card. The power of Speed, yes speed, having good amount of speed cards to battle with can really give you some upper hand against your opponent incase you have not notice it.

Feral Spirit from the life universal have lot of speed when maxed and with the sneak ability, this can make it last long in battle when placed where it cant easily be attacked and in some certain rule also the ability will always make it attack your opponent backline if not camouflage ability. You will surely love this card, mine is in level 3 so i had to rent the one i used in the battle to showcase how good it is.

Screenshot 2022-01-19 at 18.02.14.png

This battle was between me and @ndirish8988 in a 26 mana cap with the lost magic and Stampede rules, well the mana cap is still manageable and have to pick carefully because I really dont know what the opponent will pick so with the stampede I already know am choosing the dragon summoner coupled with life because we are using a melee card.

My Formation

Had to put Scared Unicorn as my frontline because it can heal and also have the trample ability, and if the opponent use a strong amour card, the piercing ability is also available, this card really fit as a frontliner. Followed by Manticore based on the reach and thorn ability to back up my frontliner.

I decided not to put furious chicken as my backline and placed it in front of Feral Spirit to save guide it incase it wasnt destroyed on time and I also add Uraeus to support as sneaker with an extra poison ability always pull them off guard.

Air Elemental one of the strong ranger in life universe with the dodge ability, it really work as a backliner in this battle and also very strong since am not expecting any magic cards so it is good as a backline.

My opponent decided to use only melee attack while receiving extra melee from his summoner, did he win, find out in the video below.

battle link

you can also join us on splinterland here