Reinvesting | Possible Way To Boost Your Hive Income

“Money is always eager and ready to work for anyone who is ready to employ it.”

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One thing I am really grateful for since I join this platform back then around 2017 is learning and understanding the power of reinvesting our earnings. Back then most of us join with nothing and wasnt really financially capable but we keep the hustling spirit high while finding every possible means to be financially stable at least to be able to afford 3 square meals daily. I came across Hive (steemit back then ) during my trying times in university days, things were really hard and the economy wasn't helping, came across the platform and since them it have been a sweet ride.

Learning how to be a writer wasnt easy but we just have to blend in and get the writing skills and we learn a lot of things along the way, how to make our investment work for us was one of it. Literally, I learnt the power behind reinvestment which have been profitable on the long run. Let come down to the hive platform and how you can easily boost your earnings even as a newbie. There is something they call the Community Power, we have lot of communities here that are always willing to help every members that heed to their rules/criteria which you can always find at the right hand section of every community on hive and if worthy you receive some votes. How can you reinvest your earnings and maximize your income.

Wait everything isnt about having huge hive power and earning from curation reward alone, there are more things you can really engage in. From my end here, I focus on the gaming aspect on hive and so far so good, it is really a nice income generator. I focus on Splinterland and Risingstar game, if you are a gamer or willingly to be one this are 3 niche you will love to check out, well everyone can play. Let take a brief look at this games.


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This is one of the top game in the hive ecosystem with lot of users playing it every blessed day, it is a card based game created around 2018. To be a full player, you will need to get your spellbook so you can have full benefit to the goodies and also some juicy rewards. You need a hive account for this and also it cost 10$ back then, dont know if it lower now. Then you can either buy, rent or get some monster cards delegate to your account so you can battle with other players, You can read more details here. You will have access to their community on hive and you can participate in the weekly challenges. There is the art contest if you are creative with arts, Social media challenge where you can drop a post related to splinterland and also the battle challenge where you have to battle with the given monster card. With all this, you have access to 2 votes weekly, and more juicy benefit while playing the game.

Risingstar Game

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This is another interesting game on hive that doesnt really require you to do much work, it is a card mining investment game. A card mission based game that allow you to mine and earn starbits token. Been on this game for like 6 months now, not that boring but you will need to keep track of our time because it is important. 4 things are really important to know which are your fans, skills, luck and im ( which can be seen in cards). They also have a community on hive that support post relating to the game, really a good investment to check out and build yourself with.

Note: Not Financial Advice but you can always read more on this games


You're right, there are lots of ways to engage on Hive!