Obsession With 'Little Chores' | An Hinderance To Progress

Little chores are things that keep you busy but dont make you any money or make you lose money


We all have that thing we are always obsessed with, things that really keep us so busy and make us loose track of time or hinder our progress positively. There was this conference I attended and someone decide to open and seek advise on what he could do to overcome some little things he is obsess with, this things keep him so busy to the extend he do procrastinate and extend things he suppose to do that can bring him some earns as reward. One of the thing he mentioned was watching movies, he said he can lie down and watch movies for hours without getting tired but when it come to reading or doing some blogging, he always feel tired immediately or if he have an idea of somethings, he will want to do them later and keep postponing till he forget to do them.

Movies, Chatting all day, surfing the net without having any idea of what you are looking for, everyday we open different apps randomly when he suppose to learn how to upgrade his skills and monetize them or do things

Where I sat, I had to check myself out, this are things I do go through most times, I do things that take away my time and not even generate any penny, I watch movies a lot and I dont blog about them, even if I want to I just postpone the idea till another time, this things unknowingly to us hinder our progress. They use to say time is money or time is precious, What are you doing with your time? What are those little things that make you so busy yet the serve as time waster and how do you plan to overcome them.