Last Splinterland Season In 2021- Glory

Screenshot 2021-12-31 at 09.47.06.png

If I need to describe this year, I will just say What A Year! 2021 have been an amazing year so far in my splinterlands journey, I still remember how it all started till we entered this year, apart from the up and downs and everything we never hope for, we were still blessed. we can recollect this year was the NFT year, how everything just boom all of a sudden, my splinterland account worth was around $1300 when I check it in January if i can remember vividly and boom it is around $22000 currently. Amazing shock

Only this year we have experience lot of airdrops for splinterland users, SPS, voucher which make things more easier for us to invest more even Christmas came too early for us, increase in dec price and lot of amazing surprises. More than grateful, was able to end this season in the Diamond league 3. This season was somehow hard because of the chaos surprises that my opponent use to bring on, at times you wont even expect it. people are now making use of choas cards more in battles. Here is My season rewards, still worth something

Screenshot 2021-12-31 at 09.58.10.png

Screenshot 2021-12-31 at 09.58.28.png

More cards to start levelling up but currently focusing on chaos legion cards before everything will skyrocketed and we wont be able to grab them easily. Next year we go again with more incoming goodies on the way. I hope i will be able to max some of my chaos cards if not all next year. Let see how things will be