Hiveans New Found Home

I was really surprised when I visit hivestats site and saw everything in a new format, new design and had to check hive to see what is going on. Our beloved site is on a whole new level, lot of upgrading/development going on and we can see more features easily and well detailed, To top it all, there is a new writing contest about it which you can more details here and you can boldly see it among the top post on hivestats site #11. Let talk about the design, because that is the first thing you will notice, even thou I love this site, I still love to point out somethings along the way.

I kinda love the colour, really no different from the previous one but the toggle key to switch from light and dark mode make it more easier especially when using it at night and it make it cool. The slide bar also or what should I call it, to navigate top post is really making sense.

Main Discussion

The main reason users make us of Hivestats is to keep track of their earning both author and curation reward to see how they are progressing

Screenshot 20220212 at 17.41.39.png

Dont really know why my own profile pic isnt showing, might be my network but let skip that. First let check the profile section, it is really well detailed but scanty and there are lot of stuff still missing out such as the resource credit bar even thou i can see the figures in the stats section but it will really be helpful here and also downvote power since it isnt the same as voting power. Really love the curation section and I can easily track my earning and my curation apr is boldly writing and this is the first time i will notice the witness section will love to know to that work or how to earn from it.

Screenshot 2022-02-12 at 18.47.30.png

This is one of my favorite part while using this platform, have you ever experience the joy when you see yourselves progressing gradually, you can always check out your account growth through this graph, well presented and easy to understand. If you scroll through, you will be able to see the total HP you have earn so far since you join this platform among other stuff. This will let you know that, this hive journey is an amazing one.

Missing Features

I really cant start listing things users might love to see on the site but few things i will love to note are

  • The RC and Downvote bar
  • A Question mark button (at the side of some key words) which can show the what some things means on the site (can be found on site) in case of newbies

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