Crypto Habits To Cultivate Daily



It has been a real trial lately for the crypto space as Bitcoin has been spiralling in the wrong direction for days and weeks now. As at the time of writing this piece,things seem to be getting better as Bitcoin managed to climb as high as 36k(28th January, 2022). The crypto world has been evolving even in the midst of it all as more NFT projects, games and even Metaverse projects are coming into the limelight. Whatever you might be doing in the crypto space your lifestyle must showcase you as one. These habits/lifestyle will help sustain your position as a successful trader and in this article I will be sharing a few habits which you must cultivate daily if you want to remain successful.

Firstly, assess your position everyday. Everyday has it's own struggles and changes, as a crypto trader it is important that you scrutinize all positions you occupy in the market daily. Study the charts and observe positions you should change or adjust. Each day has its own changes you must tune to or move away from. It is not advisable that you leave your portfolio unattended for too long as this could result in missing out on opportunities to buy in or even to sell. It isn't a piggy bank in which you keep putting money blindly, you study and you stay on track. These positions are like your athletes and you their coach, you need to be there most of the time to make sure they are on track.

Secondly, learn and unlearn daily. In this space change is constant and to keep up with this change you have to learn daily. Take out time to study guides and articles that will help you become a better trader. Analyse the market and practice what you have learnt. This period is a good opportunity to do that as most projects sell for less than half their previous prices. Doing this daily or weekly will help you become a better trader over time. Follow updates, trends, news e.t.c that will keep you well informed about the latest in the space. For me The Cointelegraph and Next advisor are my go to for all things crypto and the latest development. As a blogger they also give me insights and tips into what I should write or content that will attract people's attention. Not only will you become a better trader but also be well rounded in other aspects of crypto that aren't exactly about trading.

Thirdly, source for airdrops and mine new projects. A lot of people ignore airdrops and mining because they think they can afford the entire market. Well, sometimes airdrop reward participants with even more rewards especially when they participate in referrals. Also, lots of mining apps give users the opportunity to mine tokes free before they are launched. I can't even begin to count the amount of airdrops I have won daily or the amount of valuaby tokens I have mined as a result of being committed to them daily.

And lastly be committed to making research. Just because things are not going smoothly at the moment doesn't mean you stop to take a break from it all. Research all you can. Researching in this space is just the same as mining for gold and offcourse you can't hit gold unless you are mining for it. Check sites like coin market cap,coingecko e.t.c to know about new partnerships, listings or new product releases. This will help you make decisions that will matter in the long run. They are opportunities that need to be hacked before the whole world gets to them.