Bull Run: The Best Time To Level Up Your Monster Cards


Tyrus Paladium.png

Guess who just got levelled up this morning, my favourite Tyrus Paladium which is one of the life summoner with a 3 mana cap, have really want to upgrade my cards in order to enter the top table and I know am getting there bit by bit.


Had to convert some of tokens to hive and purchase some Dec token while price is still low currently and I was able to sight a level 7 tyrum Paladium up for sell at 37.12$ in the market, even though I really wish to max it and get the full level 8, I think I will do that when I see another opportunity in the market, at least this level 7 can really work well.


Card gotten and now mine, have to max it up with my level 5 card which gave it a boost, and currently I will be needing 29 more Tyrum Paladium to fully max it up.


Gladly waiting to see how this week season will turn out to be, let the battle continues

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