Bloodlust Upped With Martyr | My Best Brawl Battle

This few days have felt like hell for me due to what happened recently but have to stay strong. The last brawl battle we had on splinterlands in my guild which is in tier 3, was really though this time around and wasn't what I really expect, most of our guild member are really trying their best since we moved to tier 3, we arent stable at a position yet because it varies, somethings we do really well and some times it was the other way round because we still need more active guild members that can take up some key fray since one man can't play all. During one of the brawl setup, I was really amazed with one setup I made and I will say it was one of the best.

Screenshot 2023-03-05 at 18.29.23.png

I had this battle with punchsonik from the tyc guild in a 30 mana capped match with the Fire & regret which give all monster the return ability (Counter against range cards), Explosive weaponary which give all cards the blast ability and Noxious Fumes which poison all monster cards from the start of the game and we could pick from any element except water. This kind of rule set deserve some deep thinking because I have lot of options to pick from, First of all, there is a rule against range card but of recent, the soulbound cards have this amazing ability (martyr) which is mostly attacked to range cards, I don't feel like using range but I want to use this ability, also we have the blast and I need a reflection shield cards to neglect any extra effect damage and I also need immune or a strong healing cards, really lot of option to weigh across. Since it is a brawl based battle we could make use of gladiators cards, That boost my decision and I decided to pick the earth element summoner that have extra magic Obsidian.

Screenshot 2023-03-05 at 17.27.33.png

battle link

I picked Fresh golem as my frontline since it can always heal each round, then support it with Venator kinjo so it can counter any extra blast damage but it cant attack from such position. Then I use gelatinous cube, a non-attacking monster cards that have this chance to stand strong especially during noxious fume battle, Fungus flinger which is one of the new soulbound card with martyr ability, I made sure I placed it before Quora towershead so it can increase the stat when it got destroyed and lastly furious chicken just to contain any backline attack for the moment. I had to submit the battle to know what my opponent will bring in, I was a little surprised when i saw Jacek and some of the setup, he really want to Op me with some speed level based strategy but should I say I was somehow prepared for anything coming.

He really surprised me with some done deal cards like almo cambio, doctor blight and forgotten one but they aren't that strong with the martyr and bloodlust combo so I was able to deal way more damage than expected. check out the battle link to see how it really play out.