Blockchain VPN; The Solution We Aren't Making Enough Noise About.

With an increased crackdown on crypto related transactions around the world especially in countries like China, Nigeria and Singapore with claims of financial crime, systemic risk and a financial system that can't be controlled users around the world are starting to worry. And although the crypto world appears to be in it's nascent stage, it's potentials are starting to scare most central financial institutions. Ever since it's creation, cryptocurrencies have managed to create more financially independent people than most conventional financial institutions and the numbers don't seem to be reducing anytime soon. Due to its decentralized nature many countries have begun to tighten the reins on its citizens with claims of protecting them from losses.

A major and most popular example is China crackdown which started subtly some years ago in the country. Early this year things got even worse when they begun a major enforcement against miners in it's region causing Bitcoin prices to plunge real deep early this year and miners to relocate to other countries like America, Kazakhstan and many others. Recently in September, China announced a blanket ban on all cryptocurrency related transactions and mining forcing most crypto holders in the region to withdraw from the crypto world totally.

But there is one solution that seems capable of taking care of the restrictions and many more and it's called Blockchain VPN as it accepts and works well with everything crypto.

Blockchain VPN not only allows access for users in restricted countries but also an additional layer of security for users. With an ability to hide your IP address, users transact safely and securely no matter where they are in the country. Using a blockchain VPN isn't quite complicated as it only requires the VPN app , a good phone and a good internet. For example Bit VPN allows users get special phone numbers after successfully registering which allows them choose IP addresses from unrestricted areas to carry out crypto transactions. Providing services that allow users bypass geopolitical restrictions and also create multiple accounts for different trading bots.

Another interesting benefit of Blockchain VPN is the privacy they offer. Making online payments processes private between parties so hackers can't intercept and steal personal info. This means info about transactions can only be visible to you and the other party as longs as the VPN is on. One can view it as that extra layers of protection we've always wanted especially when dealing with DeFi. Before one chooses a Blockchain VPN it is important that one's makes sure it provides hack proof encryption, IP protection as well as a working internet connection. I know you might start to wonder why you need Blockchain VPNs in unrestricted countries but just because crypto transactions are anonymous doesn't mean they are entirely secure.

The beauty of crypto can also be its curse as someone could hack into your crypto wallets, syphon your assets leaving you unable to trace them. If you haven't heard of crypto jacking, it is a way of hacking that allows hackers enter your device and install a mining software that allows them have control over your assets. So if you think only people in restricted areas need VPN then think again.