A Career On The Blockchain


Lately the blockchain industry has evolved and as the demand for blockchain and cryptocurrencies increase so also the demand for human resources in that field. This means you don't necessarily have to invest in cryptocurrencies to be a part of the industry as one could get just as much exposure with a career in blockchain technology. Today according to the latest skill index, Blockchain expertise is the fastest growing skill and also one of the hottest jobs in the United States. A decade ago people were quite skeptical about its concept but today almost 20% of the worlds population is involved in crypto . The blockchain industry has so many fields of applications like cryptographers, programmers, blockchain developers, crypto journalism, data scientist and many more.

More tech firms, celebrities and even the government are hiring more crypto experts to guide and help them get on board with the decentralized trend and the numbers keep growing daily. With the exponential increase in remote jobs getting positions on the blockchain has become easier no matter where you might be in the world. I am sure many are starting to wonder how they can tap into these opportunities, this article will help explain a few blockchain positions and what you would require to get one.

Since most Hive users are bloggers I would be starting with Crypto journalism and Crypto writers. As a journalist you would be responsible for spreading and disseminating info about a particular project or new development in the crypto space while a writer would be responsible for coming up with crypto relevant content for tech companies or crypto news sites. You might also be required to provide new data and analysis in different blockchain fields which will help companies make better investment or creative decisions in the company. Usually what's required is a good knowledge of everything crypto as well as an ability to write compelling content plus there are opportunities that might allow you work on your own time.

Second on my list are Blockchain developers. If you have a degree or higher qualification in computer science and happen to be fascinated by the blockchain industry then this might be for you. You would be responsible for creating applications for blockchain and also required to have experience with JavaScript, C++ and python. By helping to modify different programmes while working with cryptography and other related features that require utmost attention to detail. These days Blockchain developers make as high as $200,000 annually and the numbers might climb even higher as the industry gains more adoption.

And last but not the least are Blockchain UX designers. Basically their role is to create interfaces that's both practical and attractive to the regular user. These might require more work hours to create interfaces with both an artistic touch as well as gear attention to details. They make at least $180,000 annually which is huge especially for people working remotely.