Uruns creepy loan system design

OK creepy Urun, you know that weird Protoss guy is thinking about HDB.

First the current HDB system in short.

  • not scaleable
  • no real benefit and high risk ( proof me wrong but I don't see it)
  • not stable to 1$. It's hilarious we had something like HDB potato... ( looks unprofessional as fuck).
  • Why we reward Authors with it? I don't get it. I think they need Rcs? or not?

Back to the High Risk. If we have a Bullrun MC of 2 Billion. We generate with 10% 200M HDB. Think about today's prices... if unlucky we generate Inflation like Argentina.

It proofs in the last 5 years it sucks and has no value. I don't want a stable coin managed by HDB potato or other weird and complex things, that can also be abused on a larger scale.

There will be more points about why HDB sucks, feel free to comment on every point I miss out on.


About the Mechanic, I would love to see it.

Lock up 500% to 1000% on Hive/ Hive power.

Hive power will lose in the lock-up period voting rights ( posts and gov).

The loan will be paid out on 100 Day ( +- Timeframe) Average price. So spikes don't matter.


  • You don't need to sell Hive if you need some cash, Think about that is huge shit. Social media + banking. Or Web 3,0 and banking.
  • Allow pools to support 1$ cap and earn %.

Example: Koreans pump HDB to 10$. Pool lock up Hive, generate HDB, Sell it to crazy Koreans for a higher price. The price goes back to 1$. Users earn cash.

HDB goes under 1$, Pool buys HDB and pays back the loans, and free the Hive again.

That's huge because the liquid hive becomes a useful use case. ATM liquid hive has only one use case, transfer.

BTW pool is the second layer (smart contract), the coin first layer. Think about and how smart it is.

More benefits:

  • No more uncontrollable inflation from HDB. HDB has a market mechanism with Supply and Demand.
  • Hive has another use case.
  • 3-month power down is not anymore a thing. It's stable the system even more!!!
  • scaleable as fuck.

There would be more benefits, like e-commerce use cases, be your own bank with a stable coin, and so on. It's not a whitepaper or something, it only should show what it can be.

Ok wait, Benefits are cool but what is the downside?

I get it, how can the system be abused. IMO with a 100 Day + Average price + 500% -1000% Lockup, it should be close to impossible. There will be always the 5x to 10x value in the hive locked up to generate HDB.

IF the price goes for some weeks down or up, it doesn't change anything because of the 100 Day Average price.

What is if someone never pays the HDB back?

The 500% - 1000% Hive that's locked up forever ( that's good because supply gets lower).

What is if the price spikes for 150 Days on super High price and after it goes back to 0,0001$.

In that case, people lock up Hive and generate a shit ton of HDB. Because it would be stupid to pay back the loan, they buy the Hive they want for a cheaper price back from the market ( like a normal loan).

But wait, that's unfair (it's the same sell high buy low)... Nope, it isn't. You don't want them to get hive for super cheap? don't sell it to them. It would also need a really unlikely scenario before, I think some would buy back at 10% win and so on. Also if a pool ( or many) is involved, it becomes more and more unlikely.

If the price spikes, I don't get it in my loan?

Yes, 100% average. If the price falls is the same.

IT will be a lot of work to do it
Yes, I agree, but it should be worth doing + it should work better than the current system. There were also tons of funds wasted on HDB Potato, hotfixes, and so on.

Because there are also stable coins out work that way, like DAI. Maybe a bit of copy and paste Justin Sun style could help. The coder should know better how much can be used from projects like that.


In general, the system is a more scalable and user-friendly system, that benefits hive users. There is no dark sword that comes and fuck us after a bull run.

Pools and other business models will pop up and bring more value to the hive. Also, a lock-up mechanic scales better and allows arbitrage trading from super large pools (ETH,...) and co to hive. They can buy and sell, lock up and lockout, and so on. Brings more demand.

This brings cash into the system and if it works out nice, it will boost the price of the hive, because that's, in essence, the fore of defi + we have free transactions.

This with at some point smart contracts will be a huge thing.

RC pools and so on. These are the decentralized weapons we need to be WEB3.0 in a final version.

Your job now, think about ways to abuse the system. Try to fuck around with it, cascading loans or something like that.

I have thought about it too, and because the 500%-1000% + 100 days avg makes it not worth from point of risk/reward.

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I really wish we will get smart contracts on Hive soon (real smart contracts where you can deploy your own code, not Hive engine). It would be pretty simple to implement something like this.

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I was about to say this. Smart contracts will solve this and give us an extra edge

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I agree 100% with you, but I don't want 2 stable coins on Hive ( long term).

If a loan version works well, we should think about removing the current HDB. Would also be a stand-alone signal against steem.

If we have real smart contracts, amazing things will happen. I can feel it!


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