Marketing is needed


As you can see on Twitter / Reddit there are other projects called Hive.

Fire your Twitter power to @threespeak and comment.

2-3 are social Networks that have nothing to do with us.

Like on steem. The brand Name was always chosen badly.

Because rename is not an option we need now to fire back on a big scale.

What can we do?

all Dapp people should start to talk with crypto/tech influencer about there project and why there are on Hive ( our Hive).

IF you don't know how to contact them in a smart way feel free to get in touch with me. I can help.


Support the upcoming proposal from @lordbutterfly.

More steps,

  • If you are on Reddit, shill them Hive. Because Reddit is a strong Tool for us.

  • Infographics to show what Hive is and what hive wants to be. There is a good way to show what hive can. But there must be good. Short points that show the true value.

I also think we should elect some "hive president" for marketing. This guy can be the face and be voted by us. It doesn't need to be in code the first time, but it can be a way we have a face. All big companies ( multi-billion) have a face and people trust because of the person.

It can be also something cool in the future like a veto right or something that can have the president if we want ( voted like witnesses). Would push hive because then we have an internal communication person + outside and it will be decentralized.

For now, I think @theycallmedan (if he wants to do) is a good speaker and can talk with some people about hive. Because his Twitter account got banned, it's a cool story to tell why freedom of speech is important.

What can average users do like me?

And now the bad word. IF.

IF we have transferable wallet creation tokens, we can support those that onboard cool people. I know we have many cool people here on hive, but onboarding must be super smooth and easy.

Or coupon codes for wallets.

My dream would be to change the onboarding one by one to onboard full communities. There are so many out with 10k Users +, 50k users + and 1M users +. Start with the long hanging fruit and increase step by step.

To not generate a bad user experience, onboarding needs to work perfectly. Otherwise, these people blame online about hive and we have a negative PR ( I'm also a big fan of my suffix/prefix wallet creation idea that would deliver unlimited wallet names, so wallets could be cheaper).

Besides that, we can post and tell other people about hive.


I think besides support marketing efforts, Hive should come to the stage to allow people to build here, create their own token, and so on. At this point, marketing will be outsourced to the average user ( like the big ones do).
I have some experience building Online Memberships. And the best thing you can do is let the people work for you. But for that, you need to offer a benefit to them. Affiliate is something that's a proven concept, but would also work smoother for projects with their own token.

Onboard --> earn Coomunity Token ----> be happy.

Marketing is not for free, every text on the internet want to sell you something. Remember that.

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A true believer in Hive you are !
Your claims are more than valid !
Surprisingly since I've been on the hive platform, I've found lesser time for the mainstream social media, I only go there mistimes to share links to my posts on leofinance... marketing isn't it ?

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