About Inflation on Hive

Last days I thinking deeper about Inflation on Hive.

In my opinion, it is a good thing for spreading the token. It is like bitcoin (early laptop mining days), everyone that wants a part of it, can be. It is really good to give many people the chance to earn some tokens, paying witnesses, and so on.

Besides the fact HDB sucks and makes it kind of uncontrollable, it is a good thing.

But the bad taste is the selling pressure. So it needs like BTC a point the difficulty increase ( blabla I know with more people hive spreads slower and gets more value in theory).

What would be my idea?

A Halving event, but different.

Think about inflation gets reduced in a timeframe from one day to another by 50% ( Like btc halving).

But the difference is, Hive power gets twice the RC. Less fresh tokens come to the market and Hive Power becomes more Rcs ( and becomes more valuable), also wallet creation becomes cheaper by this factor.

Think about.

As a dapp builder:

Eth is expensive and Hive tokens become with time more powerful. So why I should use other tokens? The power scales with time and the dapp can make more transactions with the same amount of Hive. NICE.

Twice the wallet creation,

Twice custom JSon and so on.

Also, it feels much cooler to be an early adober.

As a User: Today a User has 150 Hive. After Halving the user can interact twice as much as before and also can delegate some Hive or Rcs he doesn't need to friends or future pools.

Newer users can interact on Hive with 50% of the token needed before. Perfect for scaling IMO. To be real if Hive hits 20$, it will become hard to buy 15 Hive to test it out.

With a time decreasing Inflation + More powerful token, the user becomes also more power.

As an Investor: A Token that gets printed like fiat is all the time meh. Special if more Hive gets staked, the vote value decrease.

A change like that, it would allow increasing the power of holders for delegation and project support.

Besides this, fewer tokens printed + more powerful tokens increase the value and make the holder happy + more Rcs can be sold out to pools.

Other viewpoints:

Hive scale with technical scaling computing power by code. We now last 10 years computing power becomes cheaper and cheaper and more powerful. Hive could with that change represent that ( sounds IMO pretty cool).

So there are no random changes by witnesses to increase /decrease transaction cost and so on for dapps that need it ( not talking about improvements).

There will be also a nonlinear event, that's good for marketing.


50% fewer tokens printed, Hive power twice as powerful after halving.

The points are:

Hive becomes more valuable by nature with time,

Makes scaling for Dapps easier.

Cool to be an Ape holder / Investors, because fuck Inflation :)

Makes wallets cheaper by 50% in Rcs and Hive price ( should be very cool for onboarding, and less random 3 Hive price per wallet).

In general, it will be the same line Inflation but sexier for holders. The numbers are random from me with 50%, but I think the mechanic is cool.

And we add in code the ability computer power becomes cheaper (controlled by Hive holders).

What's your opinion about it?

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