Typeearn Updates: TPC Approaching 200 hodlers, and other news.


Hello TypeEarners!

We bring to you updates and news on the Typeearn platform.

We are increasing gradually in our userbase, and we are close to 200. This means a little change will affect the mining and it will reduce the mining a bit, but continue to give more power to TPC holders. Also, the implementation of the Levels is on, and we should roll out pretty soon.

For people that miss the last update, you can get the info here.

The table below shows the distribution of the levels.

LevelsAmount of TPC HODLMining rate
Ostrich10,000 and above12 times
Penguin7001 - 999910 times
Swan4001 - 70008 times
Bustard1501 - 40006 times
Pelican501 - 15004 times
Flamingo20 - 5003 times

Start building your way to the top. This is the right time to build.

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Stay up with TPC on Steem-engine

Remember to always follow the upward trend of the TPC with your sell biddings. Do not be too anxious and bid at lower prices, for this hurts TPC and reduces its market value.

Thank you for following our updates and being part of this wonderful family. Continue to type and earn!

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